Methodist Church, Santa Monica Welcoming Tibetan Witchcraft

Occult groups have recognised the spiritual significance of Santa Monica for generations. Therefore they have sought to establish themselves in that region so the spirits they evoke can influence the media, which is then transmitted world-wide, programming the way the world thinks.

That is why Prophet TV was first established in Santa Monica, and why the first International Church of the Gates was planted on the Wilshire corridor.

Since the mantle on this ministry has been on intercessory trips to Europe and New York, Tibetan Buddhists are seeking to establish themselves a stones throw from ICOTG Santa Monica, by holding weekly meetings at the First United Methodist Church, Santa Monica. Throughout the years Prophet TV has been in Santa Monica, witches have recognised the spirit upon this ministry, even if the church has not, and the demonic would love to see Prophet TV removed from this location. Prophet TV appreciates your support and prayers as we continue to protect these key regions from the wrong spirits that want to control them and ultimately the nation.


IMF, World Bank and EU deal for Europe’s Debt Crisis

This last week delegates from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and the Eurozone have been meeting in Washington DC to try to find a way through the current economic crisis in Europe, which is the biggest immediate threat to the world’s economy.  Failure to find a workable solution will plunge the western world into another deeper recession, if not something much worse.

So far, attempts to solve the problems have done little but delay any real action being taken, and the apparent lack of understanding and leadership amongst Europe’s politicians has sparked fears of global recession throughout the markets.

The latest real suggestion would provide a €2 trillion bailout fund. The hope being, this would provide a sufficient fire-wall around Greece, Portugal and Ireland; as well provide sufficient funds to bail out Spain or Italy if they should require assistance. Furthermore the deal would provide massive re-capitalization of the European banking system. And finally a managed 50% default, or haircut for Greek debt, but still allowing Greece to remain in the Euro.

However, where €2 trillion will be found is unclear. Germany are already skeptical of pumping any more money into bad debt, as well as losing yet more fiscal powers to Brussels. Action is needed fast. The plan has been welcomed by many as a step in the right direction, however it is likely to still be an economically painful road.

The world is now looking to the next G20 meeting in Cannes, France in November, as key in forging a way through this crisis. It is imperative that the spirit under which these complicated and painful decisions will be made, is the right spirit. Support Prophet TV so we can run intercessory prayer trips into Europe at this key time for the world economy.


New York Fashion Week Fall 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011

Prophet TV focused on the New York Fashion Week in Spring of this 2011. Why?

A Prophet never knows why the Boss commades such things, but since he knows the Boss, he is very comfortable with following directions. It’s not about what you know, but rather, Who you know.

Because of obedience, which offended the religious to no end, PTV was established at Lincoln Centre several years before the contract with Lincoln Center and Merceedes Fashion week.

See the problem with the religious, is they are lead of the 666, beasts intelect, and not following the Boss !

Remember it was the religious, that killed the Boss’s son, but that’s another story.

This year during fashion week 2011, Prophet TV encountered heavy spirits of death over the event, as well as sodomite spirits. (One in the same).

During this intercession confrontation, the Prophet was on his death bed dealing with the spirit of death all around. An interesting quote: “I saw death on everything, only at the supper market in the Vegitable dept., was I impressed with how everyting ‘glowed’ with life. It really made me think about the life giving force natural vegtables give all of us.”

It was also reported that, during this battle with death, and the bed ridden sickness it brought on, while cooking homemade chicken soup, the Pot shattered ! This is not possible but, as our Prophet was so depleted and really need the life giving substance of that meal, then it shatters, does reveal the level of demonic spirit of death our Prophet finally defeated.
Thank’s to the finished work!

As the week progressed the demonic spirit over Fashion Week was finaly broken. Wouldn’t you like to stand in this gap and have this level hit you? No? Typical, then support

Thank God somebody goes through the hell you won’t.

Prophet TV, continued this intercession into the Paris Fashion Week which followed on and the result was the exposing of the ant-semitic spirit over John Galliano. John Galliano has now been removed as creative director at Christian Dior. After these events the “gothic death look” was no longer “in”; but was replaced by a fresher, clean living look, based on natural tones.

Fashion Week was again in New York this September, and Prophet TV was quietly holding our presence once again, and interceding over the event. The death spirits of before were unable to gain access, and Christians’ within the industry were able to evangelize openly, and saw many people within the industry saved. (now playing on

When the demonic spirit over a region is removed, and the Spirit of God is able to come in, then people are open to the Gospel, and the evangelists are able to operate successfully in their gifting.
Support Prophet.TV and enable this openness to the spirit of God and this level of sacrifice for you and your family to continue.


CERN Scientists see Particles Travelling Faster than the Speed of Light

Scientists at the prestigious CERN Particle Physics complex, near Geneva, Switzerland (home to the Large Hadron Collider) believe they have managed to fire the tiny sub-atomic particle, the neutrino, at a speed greater than the speed of light.

For the last three years scientists at CERN have been testing and retesting the result to ensure they have done the experiment accurately. In the experiment particles from CERN, Switzerland were fired underground to another particle physics lab, Italy’s Gran Sasso, near Rome, 454 miles away. The neutrinos arrived at the Italian lab 60 nanoseconds faster than light, (that’s sixty billionth of a second). Although that sounds tiny, in the world of particle physics it is significant, and can be measured to a high degree of accuracy. The CERN and Gran Sasso scientists have repeated the experiment at least 15,000 times, with the same result. Under normal circumstances this would be conclusive enough, however with a result of this significance further independent research will be required.

If independent research confirms the result it will re-write the fundamentals of the laws of physics as we know them. Albert Einstein first postulated that the speed of light was a universal constant, this formed the basis of his Theory of Special Relativity; and underpins much of modern physics. The consequences of his theory being wrong are unimaginable. Physicists are now postulating the neutrinos are moving in and out of other dimensions, or this may provide some tangible evidence into the world of string theory.

The scientific community are now eagerly awaiting physicists in America and Japan to confirm their results.


Palestinian Bid for UN Membership

Friday 23rd September sees the Palestinian Authority submit and application to the United Nations for full UN Membership.

The UN has three types of status:

1. Full Membership: According to the charter of the United Nations, “membership is open to peaceful nations that are willing and able to carry out the duties required by the charter”. Upon the recommendation of the Security Council, the General Assembly decides whether to approve a nation’s candidacy.

2. Non-Member Status: Can also be conferred, allowing certain countries, organisations or entities to benefit from collaborations with any of the UN’s specialised agencies

3. Observer: Grants permission to attend UN General Assembly meetings. The Vatican and the Palestinian Authority currently have observer status.

It is highly unlikely the bid will succeed, since Full Membership has to be voted on by the UN Security Council, and America has a veto within the Council. However, America is unable to veto any vote in the General Assembly, therefore it is more likely Palestine will be granted Non-Member status.

This would strengthen Palestine’s hand, and place significant pressure on Israel and America to concede to the Palestinian demands of statehood, along the lines of pre-1967 borders (these borders have been deemed as indefensible for Israel, in previous UN resolutions), with East-Jerusalem as the capital.

However if the bid for full membership is not pursued violence could erupt in the Palestinian areas against Israel, so either way this is a very sensitive and potentially inflammatory situation.  Pray for God’s wisdom over all the leaders of the United Nations and particularly Netanyahu and Abbas to reach agreement outside of the United Nations forum.


How the Fashion Industry Affects Women!

It would be easy to assume the glitzy world of high fashion has little bearing on the every day lives of women, it may be even harder to see a spiritual link with the fashion industry.

However, as Prophet TV can testify the world of high fashion is one of intense spiritual activity. When in 2010 Prophet TV first targeted the New York Fashion Week we exposed high level witchcraft and spirits of death- the likes of which are hard to find in any other sphere. Through intense intercession these spirits have been challenged and we can see results in the trends being released in the fashion world; we also saw earlier this year the exposure of fashion designer John Galliano in Paris.

However, why does this matter. The fashion industry creates a covering, and mantle which comes upon those who partake of it. What spirit influences the designs and fashions filters down to affect what you wear, and what your children wear.

What spirit is behind the “look” of super-skinny? Why do fashion magazines portray an image of beauty only attainable through near starvation, where the models look like famine victims? These are not images of health and beauty. Consistently in scientific studies it is proven men do not find this type of woman attractive, so why is it pushed as sexy and beautiful? As a result of the continual bombardment of extremely skinny models young, pre-pubescent girls now believe the ideal body image of a grown woman is more like that of a taller version of a pre-teen: without curves and tiny breasts. Is it any wonder these girls struggle with their own body image as they enter adolescence and nature creates the breasts and curves of womanhood? Are these fashion magazines imparting a spirit of anorexia to your daughters?

Are you aware that many of the most influential fashion designers of women’s clothes are homosexual men, many of them use as their muse’s effeminate men, often their own lovers? A new trend has began to emerge: the use of men to model female clothes. Currently one of the most in demand models is transgender model Lea T, the Brazilian model born Leandro Cerez, was the muse of the creative director of Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci, and he hired him/her as his fit model. Lea T is currently undergoing a full sex change and now exclusively models female clothes.

God created us male and female, however the spirit over the fashion industry seems to push an agenda of androgyny.

Why are fashion houses marketing clothes to children which are strongly sexual. Little girls are being sold clothes and underwear which are miniature versions of adult clothing. Padded bras for pre-teens… why?

European Debt Crisis Threatens the Banking System

Economists in Europe now believe the French banking system is days away from requiring re-capitalization, and the Italian banks are not far behind them.

French banks have massive exposure to the European debt crisis, in particular to Greek debt. One of France’s biggest banks, BNP, alone has a eurozone sovereign debt exposure of some €75bn, amounting to roughly 6% of total assets, including €14bn of Greek debt and €21bn of Italian government bonds.

There is continued speculation that the Germans will kick the Greeks out the Eurozone; if this happens Greek debt will be worthless, and the banks will lose their money.

The whole problem is compounded by the lack of clear understanding about how to deal with the crisis as a whole. So far measures have been more like a sticking plaster on a gaping wound, as the victim slowly bleeds to death. Politicians from every European nation have failed to grasp the enormity of the problems they face, and no viable solution has presented itself. This week Barak Obama, as well as the Chinese Premiere, have urged the European leaders to take more responsibility for the crisis and to take decisive action in order to stablize the markets.

Although these issues may all seem very distant – affecting Continental Europe, the Europe problem is the biggest factor influencing global markets at this time. If a sustainable solution is not found and implemented it will not only be the European economy that will crash, it will crash the global economy. This is a time when developed nations have nothing left in their economic arsenal to fight off economic armageddon 1931 style.

With the difficulties facing Europe one could say a miracle is needed. Certainly to steer Europe safely through this crisis, wisdom and conviction are essential on a Biblical scale. We have just witnessed what happens when the mantle on Prophet TV enters a region, in New York hurricanes changed course as soon as the mantle entered the city. Prophet TV has many testimonies of the power on this ministry, to turn economic catastrophe around. This time more than any other, we need God to intervene and show the way ahead. Confidence and faith needs to be returned to Europe, and wisdom prevail in the leaders of the nations of Europe. Support Prophet TV, so these giftings can be brought back into Europe.


Republicans Take New York Congressional Seat

The mantle on Prophet TV returned to New York City last week, and we see this week the Democrats unexpectedly lose a ‘safe’ New York seat they have held since 1923.

In the New York election, Bob Turner, 70, a retired cable TV executive who has never served in elected office, coasted to victory by eight points, defeating David Weprin, 55, who had 20 years experience on Capitol Hill. Weprin was a liberal politician who voted in favor of the legalisation of gay marriage, and has voiced support for the building of a mosque on Ground Zero.

Bob Turner wins Anthoney Weiners,s House Seat- NY

Although there is unrest amongst the ranks of Democrats no one expected this seat, in such “safe” hands, to fall to the Republicans. The district covers parts of Queens and Brooklyn which have never seen a Republican elected to office.  The people have spoken!

Support the missions Prophet TV is running to see your region changed.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

History of Venice

Venice was founded by refugees fleeing the Germanic tribe, the Lombards, after they invaded Italy in 568 AD. The refugees came from the town of Aquileia, traditionally believed to have been founded by St. Mark. At that time the Christian Byzantine empire spread across that area of Italy, and the islands that make up Venice were part of a defensive agreement between the Byzantine’s and the Lombard’s, and came under Byzantine control. However, as the Byzantine empire’s grip of power in the west loosened, the early Venetians found themselves largely independent. Through their skills as merchants they grew in power and wealth, and by 726 they elected their first Doge (like a Duke). The first Doge, failed in his attempt to become independent from the Byzantines.

Through time the Venetian’s ruthless diplomacy and ability to play one power against another eventually secured her independence; and Venice’s excellent location between the powers of western Europe and the east gave her the opportunity to grow increasingly wealthy via trade, and became a popular navigational route to the eastern countries from Europe.

In the early 9th century, Venice needed to improve her status, and in the Christian Middle Ages, that required a patron saint and relics. Since Venice was founded by the refugees of Aquileia they adopted St. Mark as their Saint. Legend has it that two Venetian merchants stole St. Mark’s body from a tomb in Alexandria and brought his remains back to the Basilica in Venice. Throughout the city there are depictions of winged lions, symbols of St. Mark.

In the 11th century the power of the Norman invasion in Europe threatened the Byzantines in Italy. The Venetians agreed to help the Byzantines against the Normans. In return for their help the Byzantines allowed the Venetians to trade freely with them, and not pay the same duties and customs as other nations. The start of the Crusades began to open up trading routes with the east, which Venice was uniquely placed to exploit.

However, by the 12 century the pride and wealth of the Venetians bred hostility in Constantinople (the centre of the Byzantine empire). As a result the Byzantines made new trade deals with Pisa and Genoa and they began to tax Venetian traders. Hostility between the old allies grew.

With internal power struggles in the Byzantine empire and the Fourth Crusade looming, Venice had a chance of revenge. The Catholic Church looked for financial support in the launching of a new crusade- this time against wealthily Egypt and Cairo. The Venetians offered their military support and use of their naval power and infrastructure; in return for half of any lands conquered and 85,000 silver marks. The church agreed and the fleet was due to depart June 1202. However, the Venetian diplomats immediately brokered a deal with the Sultan in Egypt, assuring him the fleet would never reach his shores, and the Doge negotiated with the deposed Byzantine emperor.

When the day of departure arrived, the church was unable to pay the full amount of money, so the Venetians offered a compromise. They would accept part payment, if the army would help them deal with a small dispute they had with the King of Hungary. This was agreed and the fleet set sail for the city of Zara, which they laid siege to and conquered. By this time it was nearly winter, so the fleet camped at Zara for the season. In the meantime, the deposed emperor of the Byzantines agreed to pay the remainder of the 85,000 silver marks to regain his throne in Constantinople. So the fleet headed off to Constantinople, where they laid siege and defeated the city. However, the emperor was unable to pay so the Venetians looted the city of her treasures in retaliation. Many of the finest treasures of Venice today, were those stolen from Constantinople.

Throughout the 15th and 16th century, Venice continued to grow in power and wealth through her trade and maritime dominance. However, tensions grew between Venice and the Papal states of Italy; as well as with France and Spain. Ceaseless war began to take its toll on the power and wealth of the republic. The Vatican believed Venice and France were the greatest threat to the power of the Papal states in central Italy. Consequently the Pope began a ruthless plan to usurp Venetian power. The political turmoil that ensued resulted in the long decline of Venice as a place of political significance, and in 1866, became part of the newly independent Kingdom of Italy.

Today, Venice’s place as a center for the arts continues; a place of pleasure and decadence, famous for it’s masked balls and the world’s first opera house and plays a major role on the world stage as a center for film, and tourism as one of the world’s most beautiful cities.


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Paris Summit on Libya

While the mantle on Prophet TV has been in Paris this week, President Sarkozy of France, and Prime Minister Cameron of the UK met with 60 world leaders to discuss the future of Libya post Gaddafi, to formally welcome the new transitional Libyan government. France and the UK, as well as other countries, have agreed to release Libyan money, previously frozen when Gaddafi was in power, to enable the new transitional government to begin the long process of rebuilding the nation.

Currently Gaddafi and his son, heir-apparent, Saif al-Islam are still at large, and are vowing to fight-on to the death; however Gaddafi’s son Saadi has said he would like to enter peaceful negotiations.

It was in March of this year, while Prophet TV was in the city, that Sarkozy took the initiative to rally international support for missile strikes against the Gaddafi regime in a bid to bolster the rebel forces battling the dictator. Up until this point Sarkozy had been reluctant to become involved, and his sudden change of direction and zeal, to come to an international decision on Libya, surprised many.

Prophet TV is again in Paris, and we support the Prophet in his intercession as so many key governmental figures from around the world meet to discuss this important issue.