John Galliano Update

Prophet TV reported on the dismissal of John Galliano from Paris fashion house Christian Dior, after alleged anti-semitic remarks made by the designed in a Paris bar. We repeadly see when the Presence of God is welcomed into a region then demonic is exposed- that which is hidden is brought into the light.

This week has also seen the dismissal of Galliano from his own label “John Galliano”. The label is 91% owned by Dior, and the board this week decided that Galliano’s services were no longer required at the label.

One thought on “John Galliano Update”

  1. The Signet Ring:I have a different story than the pgdioral son but the story ending is very much the same. The Father was always looking for me, yearning for me to come home. Regardless of my wasteful ways ungodly pursuits, He was always ready to greet me with a kiss, clean me up, dress me up royally, put sandals on my feet, kill the fatted calf and have a party. Singing over me the the son that was once last is now return home, he’s no longer lost. I’m so glad he’s come home, finally home! I too, like the pgdioral son, would have been happy to work for the father. And in some ways have spent a lot of my life considering myself a hired hand, not realizing that I’m the Father’s son! I’ve talked about adoption, being adopted but not fully embracing it, somehow often thinking my value is something less than a son. I’m ready to embrace it, I am embracing it, I have embraced it. I’m learning my true identity, my authentic worth & ownership. You see, I was in Him before Adam & Eve fell. I’ve always been in Him. There is no longer any distance. God have removed the distance. As the Father & Jesus are one, so am I with them. I am loved and the beloved. I’m getting it, I really am. I’m exchanging my dirtied clothes for a robe, sandals & a signet ring.The value He sees in me, I’m seeing in me. The honor He’s bestowed on me, I’m wearing & walking in. I’m transacting business in my Father’s name! He’s always felt this way I’m the one that’s changing. The power of reconciliation is so beautiful. The power of restoration is even more beautiful. The power of redemption is overwhelming. He makes all things beautiful. The pgdioral son was hoping for food and sheter, the same that all the hired hands recieved. He never thought his father would restore him to family. Beyond his wildest imagination he was restored as a Son! Isn’t this so like our God to go beyond our wildest imagination and thoughts!

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