Biden Accelerates Pace Of Immigration Via Mobile App

More than 30,000 foreign nationals have been released into the United States using a mobile app launched by President Joe Biden’s administration.

The mobile app, known as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) One, entices foreign nationals living in Mexico who are pregnant, mentally ill, elderly, disabled, homeless, or crime victims to schedule an appointment with agents at the border in the hopes of being released into American communities.

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Critics Fear Ai ChatGPT Will Be Used To Push Fake Left-Wing Agendas

DataGrade founder and former Google consultant Joe Toscano, who was featured in the popular Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma,” already uses the innovative technology on a regular basis and believes it will add “immense value” to society.

“Instead of one person who learns how to make this fake content, or auto generate a fake image or things like that, now millions, billions of people can all do it at once at infinite light speed,” Toscano told Fox News Digital. “It just moves so fast now. So, the thing that concerns me the most is not necessarily the outcomes, because we’ve already seen these outcomes. It is that those outcomes are just going to increase in quantity exponentially.”

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Proposed Restrict Act Causes More Harm Than Good

The outrage over the draconian RESTRICT Act, marketed to the public as a “TikTok ban,” is rapidly rising.

The bill has been revealed as something far more expansive that a mere TikTok ban. It grants sweeping powers to the federal government to restrict the online activities of Americans, imposing heavy penalties on any citizen who circumvents it, including criminal fines of up to $1 million, jail sentences of up to 20 years, and the seizure and search of hardware and online accounts, including cryptocurrency accounts.

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Ex-CDC Head Explains Origins Of Covid

Dr. Robert Redfield, the former CDC Director, talks about three suspicious events that took place at the Wuhan lab in September 2019:

“In September of 2019, three things happened in that lab, One is they deleted the sequences. Was highly irregular. Researchers don’t usually like to do that. Second thing they did was they changed the command and control at the lab from the civilian control to the military control. Highly unusual, and the third thing they did, which I think is really telling, is they let a contractor redo the ventilation system in that laboratory.”

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