Biden Admin Cuts Oil Leases In Gulf Of Mexico Both Present And Future

President Joe Biden is cutting back on the number of spots that the U.S. government will lease to oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico Program Area scheduled in 2025, 2027 and 2029,” the Department of the Interior said in a statement.

The New York Times noted that the five-year plan from the administration is “significant” because it stops the government from allowing “any lease sales that are not specified in the plan, and the time frame is such that it determines the actions of a future administration.”

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W.H.O Pandemic Treaty Closer To Being Adopted

The treaty will give the World Health Organization the power to supersede your country’s government and their laws about pandemic rules and allow the WHO to set their own. They will dictate pandemics, lockdowns, vaccines, masking, and more. It will also let them track and monitor you, define “infodemics” where they think that concepts, even true concepts, are dangerous.

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