Documentary Hail Satan? to Stream on Netflix this Month

The documentary Hail Satan? is to stream on Netflix this month. The program premiered at Sundance in 2019, and won awards. It documents the rise of the Satanic Temple.

The organisation mixes religious practises with aggressive secularism in an attempt to end, what they see as, the evangelical church’s political power in the nation.

The founder of the temple Lucien Greaves is a political activist, he has also set up projects such as The Project Children Project and After School Satan.

Family Kicked Off Flight Because 2 Year Old Refused to Wear Mask

A family on a United Airlines flight to New York were told to leave after their two-year-old would not wear a face mask. Video shows the parents trying to put the mask on their child, and the little girl becoming distressed. At one point the father puts his hand over her mouth and says that she now is compliant.

However, the family were removed from the flight. In a further inconvenience to the family their luggage and the toddler’s car seat remained on the flight.

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Federal Trade Commission Calls to Break Up Facebook

The Federal Trade commission has sued to break up Facebook. If successful the social media giant would be forced to sell off Instagram and What’s App as individual businesses.

“Facebook has maintained its monopoly position by buying up companies that present competitive threats and by imposing restrictive policies that unjustifiably hinder actual or potential rivals that Facebook does not or cannot acquire,” the commission said in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington, D.C.

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