Democrats Push To Move Party Caucus To South Carolina

President Joe Biden asked Democrats on Friday to make South Carolina the first primary state for the Democrat presidential nomination, displacing Iowa.

“As I said in February 2020, you cannot be the Democratic nominee and win a general election unless you have overwhelming support from voters of color — and that includes Black, Brown and Asian American & Pacific Islander voters.”

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Twitter Releases Biden Admin Censorship Of Hunter Biden Laptop

Twitter CEO Elon Musk released information through journalist Matt Taibbi Friday afternoon showing that Twitter was working in conjunction with then-Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s team, removing tweets that team Biden wanted deleted.

Musk said that he decided to release the information because it was “necessary to restore public trust” in the platform after it censored the New York Post’s bombshell report about Hunter Biden’s laptop just weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

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U.S. Govt Agencies Capable Of Hacking Autos

U.S. government agencies have spent record amounts of money on car forensic technologies in recent years. iVe, a tool made by Berla allows a user to obtain data from vehicles designed for law enforcement and the military. Moves like this have raised concerns among privacy advocates. The group Surveillance Technology Oversight Project said in a report released in October: “Cars collect much more detailed data than our cellphones, but they receive fewer legal and technological protections.”

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Biden Admin Pushing For Digital Dollar

Strive Asset Management executive chairman Vivek Ramaswamy balked at the possibility of a “central bank digital currency” in the United States during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The entrepreneur rejected the notion that a digital dollar managed by the Federal Reserve would be beneficial for the economy, asserting that the project would instead open citizens to government censorship and surveillance. Ramaswamy also dismissed the idea that adopting such a currency system would render the United States more competitive with China, which has launched a digital yuan and is encouraging residents to pivot toward the new medium of exchange.

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Biden Admin Not Challenging Transgender Mandate Rules

Religious liberty groups are hailing victory after a deadline passed on Friday for the Biden administration to appeal a federal court ruling striking down a transgender mandate from late August.

Issued under President Obama, and passed over to the Biden administration, the Health and Human Services (HHS) transgender mandate required doctors and hospitals to performance gender reassignment surgeries on any patient – including children – even if it was against a doctor’s conscience or medical judgment.

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GOP Led House Set To Block Climate Reparation Payments

Republican Study Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) vowed that Republicans in the House are “going to do everything that we can” to block the Biden administration from paying into any global climate reparations fund and that regardless of how small the Republican majority in the House is, they can block payments into the fund, which he characterized as something that “might be the most insane thing I’ve ever seen.”

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