Fashion Week Spring 2011

This Spring has seen Prophet TV targeting the witchcraft over the global fashion industry. During New York Fashion Week the Prophet was located on the doorstep of the world influencing event, dealing first hand with the witchcraft being evoked during fashion week.

After the New York intercessory trip was completed the Prophet rejoined the Fashion Week cavalcade in Paris. Again an intercessory presence was maintained  in Paris and around the event, where the “spirit” in fashion designer John Galliano was exposed as anti-semitic.

The firing of Galliano as artistic director at Christian Dior has ended  the “Fashion’s King of Excess” 16 year reign or “influence” over women and their fashion.

As well as the departure of Galliano three other top fashion executives let their positions.

Once the “black death” witchcraft covering was broken, Paris Fashion Week saw the “black death” look lift and now a new healthy spring look is in, with lighter more feminine colors.

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