Hong Kong’s Last Pro-Democracy Newspaper to Close this Week

The pro-democracy newspaper, “The Apple”, is the print its final newspaper this week. The closure comes after Hong Kong police raided their premises last week. Police arrested  five editor and executives, and froze assets $2.3 million.

“It’s a sad and alarming development. It’s not entirely unexpected, given the Beijing authorities and Hong Kong government have been grinding toward this goal,” Former Deputy National Security Advisor Stephen Yates said Wednesday on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria.”

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Cyberattack at Water Treatment Plant

A hacker attempted to taint the San Francisco water supply. A leaked report found the Cyberattack was designed to delete certain treatment programs, which could result in tainted water. The attack, which has only just come to light, occurred at the beginning of the year.

The hacker was able to obtain a former employee’s log in details in order to access the system. The breach was discovered the next day.

Previously, another cyberattack in February saw a hacker attempt to contaminate water supplies with sodium hydroxide.

It has been highlighted that not all districts have update computer systems.

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G7 Summit Agree on Minimum Corporation Tax

In an attempt to crack down on tax havens. The G7 leaders agreed on setting international minimum levels for corporation tax.

“Together we can use a global minimum tax to make sure the global economy thrives based on a more level playing field in the taxation of multinational corporations, and spurs innovation, growth, and prosperity,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen  said.

In the U.S. Biden is pushing to raise corporation tax from 21% to 28%.

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G7 Summit: UK PM “Build Back Better” in a “More Gender-Neutral, Feminine Way”

In a speech at the G7 summit, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged world leader s to “Build Back Better”, as the world rebuilds after the pandemic. He also called for a “more gender-neutral, feminine way”. The PM also said this was a time to come together to deal with issues surrounding climate change.

[W]hat the people of our countries now want us to focus on [is] beating the pandemic together, and discussing how we’ll never have a repeat of what we’ve seen, but also that we’re building back better together, and building back greener, and building back fairer, and building back more equal, and… in a more gender-neutral, and perhaps a more feminine way,” said Johnson.

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