Dalai Lama Live Interview: HuffPost Live’s Willow Bay Sits Down With The Tibetan Spiritual Leader

Posted: 02/25/2014 4:38 pm EST

The Dalai Lama joins HuffPost Live Wednesday for an interview with Willow Bay, which will be simultaneously livestreamed on all of the Huffington Post’s international editions. The Tibetan spiritual leader is conducting a series of public events in California and along the way will visit HuffPost Live’s Los Angeles studio. Watch the interview live at 11:45am to hear the Dalai Lama weigh in on a wide range of subjects, including mindfulness, spirituality, and the need to rethink how we define success.

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(Southern California Weather Authority.com) – Southern California is about to have one of the strongest dynamical storms in many years, with all the ingredients there for a severe weather event, including the possibility of tornado dynamics.  Dynamics like this have not been seen in Southern California since March 1983, when numerous tornado reports across the Basins hit.  The tornado environment is increasing.

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A healthy upper level jet flow will move over the area on Friday.  This will produce heavy rainfall dynamics across the region.  However with this upper jet in the area, instability will also be on the increase.  Since the sun angle is becoming higher in the sky … warmer low levels will work with the mid-levels to produce higher than normal instability.  This instability on Friday coupled with a Southwest upper level jet, and southerly low level jet of 30-35kts will bring rotation to thunderstorms across the Southern California area.  Most of the dynamics are for some inland areas, but the closer to the basin and coastal zones you are … the more likely for severe thunderstorms and/or tornadoes.

In March 1983 a number of tornadoes hit Southern California, bringing a localize tornado outbreak with the highest rating of EF2 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

In addition the the thunderstorms, a large area of flooding where most areas will get well over an inch of rain, south and west of the mountains .. .will be likely.

SCWXA will issue the correct Flood/Winter/Wind etc watches overnight tonight or tomorrow so if on the alert system you will receive it.




Many conspiracy theorists believe Sandy Hook as well as the Boston Marathon bombing were government conducted terrorist strikes, designed to get the guns away from the American public and test if presented correctly would citizens willingly submit to marshal law?

So was this a government attempt to get the citizens to give up their guns?
And why was the last lead producing plant in the USA closed down by government regulations, only after they bought up all the lead bullets produced?

Interesting that at the end of world ward II when Japanese generals were interviewed, they were asked. “After Pearl Harbor the west coast of the USA was completely defenseless. Why didn’t Japan attack the west coast of the USA?” The defeated Japanese generals said “Because we knew that most of your citizens were very well armed and we knew if we landed we would be picked off by the citizens defending their homeland.”

There have been many documentaries about this part of Connecticut and powerful hauntings or evil spiritual power.

The one thing for sure about Sandy Hook, is an author who gained world wide fame by first writing a book about children killing children, then a movie about children killing children lives and was inspired with these concepts by the ruling atmosphere in Sandy Hook Connecticut. The name of the movie franchise is “The Hunger Games”


Superstorm Sandy was such event. It was not a natural hurricane at all. Atmospheric expert Dane Wigington explains how the storm was guided to deliberately ravage the New Jersey coastline.

Since yesterday Hurricane Sandy has gained speed. Yesterday it had maximum sustained winds of 75 mph and as of 11:00 am it now has maximum sustained wind speeds of 90 mph gusting to 115 mph. As it heads north it should have naturally reduced its speed as it enters the much colder waters and colder air of the North Atlantic. Instead the hurricane is intensifying – it is being steered into the US coast.

Yesterday the hurricane was following a path away from the US coast but overnight it unnaturally made a 45 degree turn in the cold October North Atlantic water and air. Impossible as hurricanes only form naturally when air warmed over the ocean rises to meet the cool upper atmosphere. The heat turns to kinetic energy, producing a spiral of wind and rain. The greater the temperature differences between top and bottom, and the narrower the eye of the hurricane, the faster it blows. So what is steering this supernatural storm.

Coincidence or collateral damage? Is it just a coincidence that there has been a spike in earthquakes exactly at the same time as Hurricane Sandy is being steered to a major US city? You tell me. BTW, Dalai Lama and is workers have been opening portals to hell, all up and down the eastern seaboard, before Supernatural Storm Sandy occurred. These portal rituals are called “Mandola” where by their own writings say they evoke angry wrathful water spirits to bring destruction against America.

Nancy Pelosi worships Dalai Lama as god, as does most of the San Francisco senators including Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, all women by the way, who gave his unholiness the Dalai Lama the keys to San Francisco. Since that time, San Francisco produces some of the most veil sexual perverse internet content, approved by the city, who practices nudity and live sex acts in public places, included nude bondage.

Since his unholiness has been given the keys over San Francisco, sodomy has become the normal state of marriages in many of the states where his unholiness is invited to do these destructive rituals.

Nancy Pelosi had his unholiness in Washington DC doing these mandola rituals during the health care vote, and many other times. Also in NY.

Ousted PIERS Morgan Shoots Off One Final Warning to the NRA

His CNN show is ending, but Piers Morgan warned the National Rifle Association on Monday that he’s “not done” with them.

I wouldn’t get too excited @NRA – I’m not done with you yet. #GunControlNow

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Piers Morgan

“I wouldn’t get too excited @NRA – I’m not done with you yet,” Morgan tweeted.

CNN confirmed that “Piers Morgan Live” is going off the air after suffering perennially low ratings, though has not said when the final show will air. The New York Times reported it will end “probably in March.”

Piers Morgan of the CNN show “Piers Morgan Live” arrives at the CNN Worldwide All-Star Party, on Friday, Jan. 10, 2014, in Pasadena, Calif. (AP/Invision/Chris Pizzello)

During his tenure on the program, Morgan has made himself a clear opponent of the NRA.

After reports of the show’s cancellation surfaced Sunday, the NRA tweeted the news from its official Twitter account, presumably prompting the tweet back from Morgan.

The NRA did not respond to Morgan’s warning.

Morgan is reportedly in talks with CNN to stay on in some capacity, though it’s unclear what that would be.

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Hundreds of wrathful spirits being evoked over NY to take vengeance against Christians and those that oppose these gods of the underworld, were released in Manhattan NY as dazed and confused on lookers invite these wrathful water spirits to bring further distraction into Manhattan.

It’s really amazing how all this spiritual stuff works said one Bartender who’s father is a christian minister that privately practices Voo Doo.

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President Obama met with the Dalai Lama in the White House’s Map Room, rather than the Oval Office, where the president traditionally brings a visiting leader for photographs. The meeting was private and did not allow access to reporters, this may be an attempt to avoid the appearance of a formal meeting between two heads of state.

“The U. S. leader’s planned meeting with Dalai is a gross interference in China’s domestic politics,” said Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry. It is a sever violation of the principles of international relations. It will inflict grave damages upon the China-U.S. relationship.”

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China who holds most of US debt, objects

Creation of a Sand Mandala 19 February 2014 – 23 February 2014 11:00am – 6:00pm

Monks from the Drigung (Drikung) Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism will construct a sand mandala over the course of five days, in conjunction with the opening of the Golden Visions of Densatil: A Tibetan Buddhist Monastery exhibition. The mandala sand painting is a sacred cosmogram representing the world in perfect harmony, and may be employed for focusing attention, as a spiritual teaching tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation. To create the mandala, the monks will draw a formal pattern on the base, using traditional iconography that includes intricate geometric shapes and a multitude of ancient spiritual symbols. The monks then place millions of grains of brightly colored sand to form the mandala, which represents the world in its divine form.

With support from Trace Foundation.

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725 Park Avenue, at East 70th Street, New York, NY

UK – Southwest devastated by storms and flooding


The Southwest of England has had major storms over the past week, destroying railway lines, restaurant on the coastline, houses and many trees as the surging high tides and strong gale force winds devastate the area.
Around 80 metres of the sea wall was destroyed by high tides and stormy seas, causing a significant stretch of railway to collapse into the sea.
The road adjacent to the railway and several houses has also been damaged, as was Dawlish station itself and several other sites in the area.
The railway line collapse means that Devon and Cornwall, 2 counties in the far south west of UK are cut off from the rest of the country for all rail travel and damage will take at least 2 months to repair.
Parts of Somerset county have been under water since January with villages evacuated due to flood water. Crops have been ruined as fields have become lakes with the constant rainfall and flooding, and the army have been called in to help residents.
The extraordinary weather is set to continue in the South west for the coming weeks with more storms forecast for Plymouth and the surrounding area.

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Missing children RESCUED from Super Bowl sex trade in FBI sting | Fox News

Sixteen children as young as 13, and some of whom had been reported missing by their families, were rescued from the sex trade in a law enforcement sting operation that targeted alleged pimps who brought the victims to New Jersey for Super Bowl weekend, FBI officials said.

More than 45 pimps and their associates were arrested in the operation conducted by law enforcement, the FBI announced Tuesday. Some admitted traveling to New Jersey from other states for the purpose of forcing women and children to have sex with Super Bowl tourists for money, according to federal investigators.

“High-profile special events . . . have become lucrative opportunities for child prostitution criminal enterprises.”

– Ron Hosko, FBI

“High-profile special events, which draw large crowds, have become lucrative opportunities for child prostitution criminal enterprises,” Ron Hosko, assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division, said in a statement. “The FBI and our partners remain committed to stopping this cycle of victimization and putting those who try to profit from this type of criminal activity behind bars.”

The victims rescued during the sting operation range in age from 13 to 17 years old, the FBI said. Some of the minors include children previously reported missing by their families; others are foreign nationals. 

The FBI worked with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies over a six-month period leading up the Super Bowl. The operation is part of the Innocence Lost National Initiative, established in 2003 by the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division, in partnership with the Department of Justice and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, to combat child prostitution. 

Authorities had made contact with more than 20 hotels in the New York City area on how to identify victims of sex trafficking, Special Agent in Charge James T. Hayes of Homeland Security in New York told FoxNews.com last week. 

Hayes described human trafficking as an ongoing problem that law enforcement continually strives to eradicate and said many of the victims are foreign nationals, who are often from countries “where law enforcement isn’t trusted.”

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