House Memo Details China Communist Party Influence In America

The CCP uses united front work “to shape its political environment, including to influence other countries’ policy toward [China] and to gain access to advanced foreign technology,” the memo says, adding that it is carried out “by an extensive and well-documented network of organizations.”

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White House Surveillance Program Allows Snooping Of All Americans Phone And Social Media Records

A Wired investigation has revealed a secret White House surveillance program that permits federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to access an extensive array of U.S. phone records. Known as Data Analytical Services (DAS), this program functions in partnership with telecom giant AT&T, offering a comprehensive analysis of American call records to law enforcement agencies at all levels of government. This deal not only involves direct phone contacts of criminal suspects but extends to their social networks as well, snooping on individuals who have not been suspected of any criminal activity at all.

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