Over recent years tensions have steadily heightened between Israel and Iran, as Iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons.  It is thought that Israel were behind cyber attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities that slowed the Iranian nuclear program, but failed to disable it completely.

Now Iran have moved their operations deep underground in the mountains of Natanz. Israel are keen to strike Natanz, before the Iranian’s progress in their nuclear program reaches the point of no return.

There are now reports that Israel has told President Obama, if he does not decide on a course of action that will see an end to Iran’s nuclear program by September 25th, then Israel will go it alone.

New intelligence has emerged which seems to show that Iran are much further down the road to building a nuclear bomb than the West had previously thought.

Obama is not keen to be seen to be going to war immediately before an election. But Israel knows time is short, and a nuclear Iran is a prospect no one wants to consider. We have reported on the dangers facing Israel at this time, and why Iran are so singleminded in their desire to destroy Israel.


  1. This is a difficult time for Israel. Obama has not helped in anyway by appeasing Islam for the few years. They still do and will always hate the Jews and Christians not just because it is mandated in the Quran, but mainly because the spirit on that religion is heavy and oppressive.

    All this appeasement by the west has only fostered the rise of more radical Islam as we can see in Egypt today.

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