Large scale immigration has changed the demographic of many of Europe’s cities. In the UK, multiculturalism has left some of England’s largest cities with areas in which Muslims make up with majority of the population, and schools have more children with English as a second language, than native English speakers.

Now some of the failures of multiculturalism are becoming more apparent as some Muslim communities have failed to integrate into the local communities.

In many parts of London, and other English cities, white residents are moving out. With one London borough seeing a third of the white British population leave in recent years. The result is, areas which feel more like downtown Islamabad than inner city London. Those who have remained feel increasingly like strangers in the places they grew up.

Now an anti-extremist organisation has warned that Britain could see more Muslim Patrols on their city streets. Muslim Patrols are springing up across Europe. Groups of young Muslim men intimidating non-Muslims to conform to the demands of sharia law.

Recently a video posted on YouTube showed a Muslim Patrol confront a man drinking alcohol telling him to stop, that he was in a “muslim area”. The video also showed the men verbally abuse a homosexual man, and a young woman for not dressing modestly, describing white women as “naked animals with no self–respect”.

Maajid Nawaz, the chairman of the Quilliam Foundation, has now raised concerns that these Muslim Patrols could become more common, and more violent. As more and more young British Muslim men go to dangerous Islamic nations, like Syria, Libya, Mali and Somalia, and become more radicalised by al-Qaeda groups operating in these countries.

“Scores of young European-born Arabs and Somalis are following in the footsteps of British Pakistanis in travelling to lawless conflict zones.

“What happens when these men, schooled in the use of political violence in far-flung places, return to Britain?”

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  1. This is sadly increasing across Europe. Immigration of people who are completely non-European in personality and spirit is creating a cancer inside the continent.

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