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Senate Confirms First Transgender Woman Rachel Levine for Key Health Post

The Senate has voted former Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine to be the nation’s assistant secretary of health. Levine is the first openly transgender federal official to win a Senate confirmation.

The vote was largely along party lines 52-48.

Speaking of the appointment, the President said, Levine “will bring the steady leadership and essential expertise we need to get people through this pandemic — no matter their zip code, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability,”

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Biden Warns NY Governor Should Resign is Sexual Harassment Allegations Proven

The President has increased the pressure on NY governor Chris Cuomo by saying he should resign if sexual harassment allegations are proven

In an interview with ABC Biden says, “It takes a lot of courage to come forward so the presumption is it should be taken seriously … And it should be investigated, and that’s what’s underway now.”

Cuomo is facing several allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour towards a number of different women.

However, a number of top democrats are already calling for the governor to resign. Almost the entire New York congressional delegation and a majority of Democrats in the state legislature said:

“Due to the multiple, credible sexual harassment and misconduct allegations, it is clear that Governor Cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners and the people of New York,” the Democratic senators wrote in a joint statement. “Governor Cuomo should resign.”

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Bitcoin Mining Consuming More Electricty than Countries

Bitcoin mining is the process of computers solving complex algorithms to create new bitcoin, the miner is rewarded in bitcoin. As the value of the cryptocurrency has soared so has the energy consumption required to mine it.

Bitcoin mining is now using more electricity than Argentina. And is poising some serious questions to governments and financial institutions.

Recently Elon Musk added $900 million to his fortune through bitcoing mining, but in the process it could cost him his mission to make his company “emissions-free”.

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Amazon Deleting Conservative Books

Amazon have quietly updated their policy on which books they will sell. The policy update has already seen books banned that are deemed to break their policy regarding hate speech.

Amazon’s policy states:  that they “don’t sell certain content including content that we determine is hate speech, promotes the abuse or sexual exploitation of children, contains pornography, glorifies rape or pedophilia, advocates terrorism, or other material we deem inappropriate or offensive.”

This has sounded alarm bells amongst conservative groups. Already Ryan Anderson’s book critical of gender theory, “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement,” has been removed from their website. They also removed a popular documentary on U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, from their streaming site.

Amazon have 83% of the book market, it is feared  that such moves will see the conservative voice shut down. With such a massive market share it will also see publishers not publishing books that give a different view, if they will not be able to be sold on Amazon.

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Rush Limbaugh Dies, Aged 70

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh has died aged 70. Limbaugh was battling stage IV lung cancer.

His wife Kathryn announced his death, “Losing a loved one is terribly difficult, even more so when that loved one is larger than life,” she said. “Rush will forever be the greatest of all time.”

Rush Limbaugh is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the media.  After decades behind the microphone he has shaped the modern Republican Party.

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Biden Overturns Trump’s Reform to Allow Opioid Addiction Drug

President Biden has overturned a ruling that President Trump passed allowing doctors to use the drug buprenorphine in the treatment of opioid addiction. Doctors have been left dismayed by the decision, saying the drug is one of the most affective tools they have to combat drug addiction.

Doctors have called on the President to reconsider the move. They have even gained a support in a rare bipartisan show of support for the licensing of the drug.

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Google Increases Manuel Search Censorship

Google has quietly increased the level of manual censorship on it’s search engine. Human moderators can penelize websites in violation of the companies policies. This would result in some or all of a website being suppressed in a search result.

Some of google’s violations are:

  • Discover policy violation: Adult-themed content
  • News and Discover policy violation: Dangerous content
  • News and Discover policy violation: Harassing content
  • News and Discover policy violation: Hateful content
  • News and Discover policy violation: Manipulated media
  • News and Discover policy violation: Medical content
  • Discover policy violation: Misleading content
  • News and Discover policy violation: Sexually explicit content
  • News and Discover policy violation: Terrorist content
  • News policy violation: Transparency
  • News and Discover policy violation: Violence and gore content
  • News and Discover policy violation: Vulgar language and profanity

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NYSE May Leave State if New Tax Imposed

The New York Stock Exchange chief has warned it may leave New York if Albany imposes a new stock sales tax.

“The New York Stock Exchange belongs in New York. If Albany lawmakers get their way, however, the center of the global financial industry may need to find a new home,” she Stacey Cunningham, NYSE President.

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