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Appeals Court Ruling Blocks CDC, FBI, White House from Censorship

A federal appeals court on Friday upheld a modified version of an injunction in the landmark Missouri v. Biden case, blocking the White House and federal agencies from pressuring social media companies to censor American citizens.

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Biden Admin Violated First Amendment Rights

A federal appeals court ruled that the Biden administration likely violated Americans’ First Amendment rights when it worked to censor speech during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the Friday decision, the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals said the White House, surgeon general, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Federal Bureau of Investigation improperly commandeered speech.

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U.S. Intelligence Agencies Using Wikipedia For Information Warfare

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger says the U.S. intelligence agencies have hijacked the online encyclopedia he helped create and are using it for “information warfare.”

“We do have evidence that … even as early as … 2008 … that CIA and FBI computers were used to edit Wikipedia,” Sanger said. “Do you think they stopped doing that back then?”

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White House Counsel Colluded With Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Office And FBI Before Mar-a-lago Raid

The White House counsel’s office held a meeting with a top aide to Special Counsel Jack Smith and an FBI agent around two months before Smith charged former President Donald Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents.

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FBI Tipped Off Hunter Biden To Criminal Investigation

FBI officials tipped off Hunter Biden in the Bureau’s criminal probe of him and told a former FBI supervisory special agent to stand by and not approach him, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) announced Monday, confirming key portions of the IRS whistleblower allegations.

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Corrupt Prosecutors Handling Trump Classified Docs Case Issue New Subpoenas

Prosecutors overseeing the federal criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified information have issued a subpoena to obtain information about Trump’s business dealings in seven foreign countries since he took office in 2017.

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