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Canada Orders Podcast Platforms To Register With State Broadcasting Regulator

The increasingly authoritarian government of Justin Trudeau in Canada has mandated that podcasting platforms and streaming services must register with the government’s broadcasting regulatory body and actively promote “meaningful contributions to Canadian and Indigenous content.”

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Justice Alito Warns of the Dangers of the Loss of Free Speech

In a keynote speech to the conservative Federalist Society Justice Alito has warned that religious liberty and free speech are no longer as valued as they once were. He said that, “Tolerance for opposing views is now in short supply,” and warned that people in the country face retaliation, and harassment if they do not conform to the popular ideologies.

“In certain quarters religious liberty has fast become a disfavored right,” he said. “For many today, religious liberty is not a cherished freedom. It’s often just an excuse for bigotry and it can’t be tolerated even when there’s no evidence that anybody has been harmed.”

In the address he warned that religious liberty was in danger of becoming a “second-class” right.

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Majority of Conservative Students Self-Censor

In a poll of students it has been found that 54% of conservative students will self-censor their beliefs. This is in order not to offend their liberal peers. This contrasts with only 15% of democrat students who say they would self-censor.

“Beyond disciplinary proceedings, students also credibly fear their peers, who are increasingly intolerant of differing viewpoints,” said Nicole Neily, the president of the First Amendment advocacy group Speech First.

“Rather than leverage the tools of discussion, debate, and persuasion, students now seem inclined to strong-arm their peers into compliance through canceling and doxxing — allegations that last forever on the internet, and have the very real possibility of ruining someone’s future professional opportunities.”

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