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Newly Proposed Environmental Rule Would Give New York Stock Exchange Control Of Private And Public Land

Over two dozen Republican attorneys general are challenging a proposed rule from the New York Stock Exchange that they say would illegally implement a radical environmentalist agenda and harm national security.

The rule from the NYSE would create a listing entity called a Natural Asset Company (NAC), which would be empowered to control private and public lands by capturing “the intrinsic and productive value of nature” and block things like logging, herding, and drilling from happening on the land.

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Former Israel Prime Minister Warns Against Allowing Saudi Arabia to Enrich Uranium

“Israel can’t agree to uranium enrichment in Saudi Arabia, because it endangers its national security,” Lapid said.

“It would harm our campaign against Iran. It would lead to a regional nuclear arms race. Egypt and Turkey won’t agree to uranium enrichment on Saudi territory unless they can do it, too. But they will want Russian or Chinese technology,” Lapid argued.

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Biden Admin To Unfreeze 6 Billion In Iranian Assets

The Biden administration on Thursday reportedly struck a deal with Iran to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian financial assets and release a “handful” of Iranian nationals jailed for violating U.S. sanctions in exchange for five Americans taken prisoner by Iran on highly dubious charges of espionage.

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