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Microsoft Ai Chatbot Programmed To Give Election Misinformation

A recent investigation has revealed troubling issues with Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Copilot, disseminating misinformation and conspiracy theories related to elections. In one case, researchers asked the AI chatbot about corruption allegations against a Swiss lawmaker which the platform immediately responded with details and sources on, but there was just one problem — the AI had “hallucinated” the charges and supporting information. In other words, it made the charges up.

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OpenAi CEO Fired Due To New Ai Threat To Humanity

According to an exclusive report by Reuters, several OpenAI researchers sent a letter to the board of directors warning of a new AI discovery that posed potential risks to humanity shortly before the firing of CEO Sam Altman.

This letter, previously unreported, carried a grave warning: they had stumbled upon a powerful artificial intelligence breakthrough, a discovery so significant that it warranted an immediate alert due to the potential risks it posed to humanity.

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US Govt Gave Millions To Chinese Scientist Developing Ai

The United States government gave at least $30 million in grants to Song-Chun Zhu, a Chinese scientist working to develop his country’s global supremacy in artificial intelligence.

After leaving the center, Zhu founded the Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence, where he openly acknowledged the uses of AI for cyberwarfare and disinformation.

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