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Iran is Closer to an Atomic Bomb than Previously Thought

Intelligence from Israel, the United States and at least two other Western nations suggests that Iran is closer to building a nuclear weapon than previously thought.

If the International Atomic Energy Agency believes the intelligence to be credible it will further strengthen the case for a preemptive strike against Iran, to take out their nuclear facilities.

The evidence shows that Iran have been running computer modelling, essential to the understanding of how to build a nuclear warhead.

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guard: “Overseeing Huge Expansion of the Nuclear Program”

The Iranian dissident group, National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), says that it has uncovered a massive expansion of the Iranian nuclear program. According to their reports, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (the elite fighting force under the direct command of Iran’s supreme leader) are overseeing the work of 60 top nuclear scientists, who are working on making Iran’s nuclear ambitions a reality sooner than many are expecting.

What adds weight to the NCRIs claims is their track record for reliable intelligence. It was this dissident group who exposed the existence of Natanz – Iran’s top-secret Uranium enrichment program. Natanz was then the target of the Stuxnet computer virus.

This new expansion of Iran’s programs is focusing on the development of the technology and weaponry needed to make an atom bomb.

It is thought that Israel may be planning a military stike against Iran later this year. Tom Donilon, the US National Security Advisor, was visiting Jerusalem this week. Mr Donilon has been reassuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that America will not tolerate Iran with nuclear capabilities.

However, with the Iranians carrying out their work deep inside a bunker under the mountains near the holy city of Qom, Israel are concerned that delaying intervention, and hoping the Iranians will buckle under UN sanctions, will mean leaving it too late.

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MI6 CHIEF SIR JOHN SAWERS: ‘We foiled Iranian nuclear weapons bid’ – Telegraph

MI6 chief Sir John Sawers: ‘We foiled Iranian nuclear weapons bid’ – Telegraph.

British security agency MI6 has today said they stopped Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons… for the time being.

MI6 spies have prevented Iranians from developing nuclear weapons.

However Sir John Sawers, head of MI6, has warned Iran will have nuclear capabilities within 2 years. When Iran reach that point it will increase the likelihood of an Iranian stike on Israel or America.

The Iranian leadership believe they are called by Allah to usher in the reign of the Mahdi. The Mahdi is an Islamic messianic figure, who Muslims believe will come at a time of great turmoil, resulting in the destruction of Israel.