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Biden Treasury Dept Urged Banks To Search Private Transactions

Asked whether the Treasury Department urged financial institutions to examine legal purchases for signs of extremism, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen dodged the question, Fox News reported.

In January, the House Judiciary Committee asserted that federal investigators, as part of an investigation into the events of January 6, 2021, urged banks to search and filter legal purchases with terms like “MAGA,” “Trump,” “Dick’s Sporting Goods,” “Cabela’s,” and “Bass Pro Shops” while warning that the sale of “religious texts” could indicate “extremism.”

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U.S. Govt Agencies Capable Of Hacking Autos

U.S. government agencies have spent record amounts of money on car forensic technologies in recent years. iVe, a tool made by Berla allows a user to obtain data from vehicles designed for law enforcement and the military. Moves like this have raised concerns among privacy advocates. The group Surveillance Technology Oversight Project said in a report released in October: “Cars collect much more detailed data than our cellphones, but they receive fewer legal and technological protections.”

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