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The Tibetan and Nepalese monks have constructed mandalas in the U.S.A. for over 10 years, releasing destructive forces to affect the spiritual and political realm and defile the land.

The monks from Nepal failed to open destructive gates or portals, due to Christian worship and prayer teams in November 2003, united to defend their territory.

The same deity was attempting to be released this time, but this one was different.

The nature and ‘behind the scenes’ rituals involved practices of “sex magic” in their form of witchcraft, which channel wrathful demonic gods into an area.

The apocryphal books the Testament of Solomon and the book of Tobit both speak of a demon prince Asmodeus, who flies off to the highest mountain where he “Ever Rests”.

Asmodeus means ‘destroyer’.

‘Geographical witchcraft’ taught for over 1300 years to monks near Mount Everest, bring their practices of defilement of the land and release of demons of destruction, through the construction of sand mandalas in all its forms, (sand, painted, drawn and three dimensional structures) in the name of cultural “art”, to countries around the world.

Division and conflict in the religious community increases as a result between Christian, Jewish, Islamic and in the political ideology realm.

The ritual use of bodily substances (sexual magic)  defiles the land and waters and leads to increasing sexual perversions and excessive displays of perverted human sexuality, dividing those who hold to Biblical or religious values from those who do not.


1999 – a group heard to gather on the mall in Washington, D.C. on a particular day in July of 2000.

This was World Tibetan Day festival and the Tibetan Monks were evoking into the capital of the United States that day. A mandala (gate of hell) was built and the sand later poured out into the Potomac River opposite the Pentagon.

A year later a hijacked airliner was flown into the walls of the Pentagon in one of the single most destructive days on U.S. soil.

2002 – several people in Los Angeles area had dreams, visions and words, of actions to be taken between January 4, 2003 and January 4th 2004. They were being called to stand against the onslaught of the Mandala at LACMA in the fall of 2003 and intended to be poured out from the pier in Santa Monica on January 4th 2004.

Spring of 2010, numerous “victory” mandalas constructed across the heartland in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Oklahoma.

April 2010 Sand Mandala created and poured out in Santa Monica, CA.

October 2010 Dalai Llama visits San Jose at the mouth of San Francisco Bay, just prior to US Elections.

November 2010 Sand Mandala in Santa Monica during American Film Market.

November 7th 2010 on Santa Monica beach, Buddhist monks set up an altar on the sand, close to the sea.


What was the purpose of the extended ceremony which was different to what we have seen before?

Performed at sunset, it may have spiritually represented the impregnation of the goddess by the god of this world, consummated to birth a new age 9 months later, (July 2011). The ceremony – likened to a marriage and the mass demonization of the initiates.

November 8th 2010, to call upon the fire arrow of Shiva to send a powerful political/spiritual message to China from the West Coast of the U.S.

The missile firing at sunset November 8th, that appeared to ascend out of the sea, from a location 35 miles off the coast of Santa Monica and North of Catalina Island.

Catalina was a spiritual high place of the first L.A. inhabitants – the Tongva Indians, who practiced a religious ritual system similar to Tibetan Buddhism.

July of 2011 a Kalachakra Initiation took place in Washington, D.C.
A ritual of the current Dalai Lama, marking a shift in the law, beginning a new age over the world, from Christian to aquarius, as ritually marked by the LA mandala November 2010 and this initiation ceremony July 2011 in DC.

And in 2012-13, America saw unprecedented destruction from tornadoes and storms; multiple murders of children by lone gunmen; terrorist attack; and society challenged by changes in the law defining marriage between a man and a woman.  Changes which will redefine and shake the roots of family life, and change society as we know it forever.

The age of aquarius has arrived….


The suburb of Moore Oklahoma faced the full force of nature’s fury on Monday afternoon, after an EF5 tornado ripped through the densely populated area. It is thought the tornado reached around two miles in diameter. Two schools took a direct hit as well as a hospital.

“An EF-5 is as bad as it gets,” said Joe D’Aleo, co-chief forecaster for WeatherBell Analytics. “It’s equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane. It means winds were more than 200 miles per hour, and it means you have to be underground, because there will be nothing left above ground.”

The tornado has left 24 people dead, including 9 children. The Mayor of Oklahoma has said the damage could cost $2 billion, and has called for all new homes to be built with storm shelters. The death toll was originally placed at over 60, however the medical examiner has now said amidst the confusion some bodies were counted twice.

The suburb of Moore has been hit four times since 1998 by deadly tornadoes. In May 1999 another massive tornado followed almost an identical path through Moore. Meteorologists have said this is very rare.

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Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 2.48.31 AMMay 20 2013 Sand Mandala in Oklahoma Norman Tornado hugeMay 20 2013 Severe Weather map Oklahoma Tornado

Tibetan Buddhist monks were invited to Norman Oklahoma to create a sand mandala. The Mandala of Wisdom, was created in St Stephen’s Methodist Church in Norman, before being dismantled on April 13th by the monks.

The monks came from the Drepung Loseling Monastery to create the mandala, they were also available for private healings, as well as blessings of homes and businesses.

St Stephen’s have hosted the monks annually for the last five years, church officials have said, “We accept every member of the community. We really see it as a privilege to have them here.”

When the “Gatekeepers” of the city, invite in the “Wrathful Deities” (destructive UFO beings) of the UNDERWORLD, who bring destruction, why does everyone act shocked, when destruction comes into the city, and their loved ones are killed?

Wasn’t that the point of “WELCOMING THEM” into the city?

If you don’t like the death and destruction these “WRATHFUL DEITIES” do in your cities, then STOP INVITING THEM…

Otherwise shut up and enjoy the death and destruction… and keep telling yourself it is global warming… and attack the very root of your own prosperity which is cheap energy… ha ha ha

Ignorance is bliss isn’t it?

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