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Pennsylvania Election Hearing: Col Phil Waldron Bombshell Evidence

Voting expert Col Phil Waldron in giving evidence at the Pennsylvania election hearing has claimed that in one batch of ballots  that recorded some 570,000 votes for Joe Biden and only 3,200 for Donald Trump. If true, that would mean 99.4% of that batch would have went to Joe Biden.

Col. Waldron also outlined the weakness in the electronic voting system.

Waldren: At the very beginning of the chart, where there’s a circle that says “On Election Day,” what that indicates is there’s a spike in loaded votes. 337,000-plus-or-minus-some votes that were added in there in one big batch. So that was an anomaly in the reporting. Normally you would expect to see a smooth curve going up, not any big spikes, that’s kind of what Greg was talking about, the anomalies of loading and uploading those votes. So that big spike that occurs there is a prime indicator of fraudulent voting.

Giuliani: And that’s [a total of] 604,000 votes in 90 minutes, is that right?

Waldren: Correct, this is [shows chart] 337,000 votes in that period of time.

Giuliani: And when you look at this entire curve, with all these spikes, can you calculate how much of a vote that accounted for for Biden, and how much for Trump?

Waldren: Close to 600,000. I think our figures were about 570-some-odd-thousand that all those spikes represent overtime.

Giuliani: For Biden?

Waldren: Correct.

Giuliani: And how much for Trump?

Waldren: I think it was a little over 3,200.

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Spirits Haunt Media and Helpless(?) Homeowners

Hanover, Pennsylvania.  Homeowner DeAnna Simpson in an interview with CNN affiliate WPMT inside her home where she and her husband have lived for the last 7 years; helplessly witness the media messed with by the occupying spirits.

DeAnna believes the spirits are demons.  She describes a history of being scratched, pinched, held down while not being able to talk, breath or move, doors closing and of her and her cat being pushed down the stairs.  Coincidentally, the house has a history of grisly deaths.

DeAnna describes helplessness as her grown daughters refuse to stay with them and an inability to sell due to their investment in the house.

It is curious thing, during the clip in one instance DeAnna tells the spirit to close the door… and it closes the door.  Perhaps next time she could tell it where to go!


On Wild Rampage, Bloody Naked Man Chews Woman’s Head

Hawley, Pennsylvania.  State Police report a Doylestown man, while naked and bleeding excessively, was “screaming like an animal” and was “gnawing” on a woman’s head.

The incident occurred early September 7th in Hawley Boro, Pennsylvania.

The suspect Richard Ciminio is 20 years old.

According to investigators, Ciminio unsuccessfully tried to break into a home while dressed only in underwear.  After his first attempt, he then stripped down completely and succeeded in breaking into another home.

While in the property, he jumped out of a second floor window which led to his many injuries.  Apparently unfazed, he continued down the street where he approached two women walking.  Again, according to reports, Ciminio “tackled” one women and “began to gnaw” on her head “while screaming like an animal”.

Upon Police and medic arrival it was reported that Ciminio’s “delusional and confrontational behavior” did not stop, despite being tasered.

According to the investigators, they are not sure if anything caused Ciminio’s behavior.

This report is eerily similar to a Florida story earlier this year.

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