The Rolling Lockdowns of the UK

As Covid cases have begun to rise in the UK the government has taken the steps to impose regional lockdowns. However, this has caused anger for many just returning to business after weeks of lockdown and uncertainty.

Two weeks ago when the Prime Minister was asked about the restrictions in the north of England he was unable to give the correct answer. Many have said this points to the fact the restrictions are too complicated.

In the devolved regions of the UK the restrictions are different again. Scotland has just seen the central belt region have the harshest restrictions in the UK imposed. With hospitality shut down. Business owners have warned many of them will not be able to reopen. There is also widespread anger that regions have been shut down where little or no Covid has been reported.

Hospitality sector dumps ice in protest over lock down

Politicians in the UK have warned the British public to expect more of the same, and probably harsher restrictions as the winter months and flu season begins. However, as guidelines become more complicated, and businesses and jobs are hit hard will the public comply?

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