The Witches Seeking To Hex Trump’s Re Election

A group of witches has come together to try to stop the re-election of President Trump.

A super PAC of witches and lay practitioners have joined forces with IXNAY PAC, an anti-Trump political action group.

IXNAY PAC was founded two years ago by former Vice correspondent Trace Crutchfield, promising to “raise hell from sea to shining sea” to get Trump and his allies out of office.

“Since IXNAY was founded in 2018, we have utilized the bag of tricks more commonly associated with super PACs,” says Crutchfield. “We’ve run TV ads and targeted Facebook campaigns, organized people to send thousands of handwritten postcards to voters in swing states, run a phone bank operation, and have put no shortage of printed propaganda out into the streets of America. Hell, we even wrote a pop song! Magic was just about the only thing we hadn’t tried, so when faced with another four years of Trump, we thought it would be foolish not to utilize every legal and ethical means at our disposal.”

IXNAY has joined forces with Shane Bugbee , Bugbee is a reverened of the Church of Satan by church founder Anton LaVey and helped found the Satanic Temple. Bugbee says he’s been practising witchcraft for 40 years, after he sold his soul to the devil as a teenager in exchange for a new bike and the latest Ozzy Osborne record.

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