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India Develops DNA Vaccine Against Covid

India are beginning trials of a new DNA vaccine against covid. Although initial data shows only 67% effectiveness, it has been heralded as a key moment in the fight against Covid. DNA vaccines are administered into the skin, without the need of an injection. The strand of viral DNA then trains the immune system to recognize the virus.

There are about a dozen DNA vaccines in the later stages of development, with many more in the early stages of development. Scientists believe the technology could be used to fight other diseases.

DNA vaccines have the advantage over RNA vaccines as they are quick to produce and do not require to be stored at the very low temperatures that RNA vaccines need.

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Judge Removes Parenting Rights from Mother of Covid Vaccine

A mother from Illinois has been stripped of her parenting rights over her refusal to take the covid vaccine. Rebecca Firlit said she refused the vaccine over previous adverse effects from vaccines. She is in a custody battle with her ex-husband over their son. However, her ex-husband had not raised the issue with the judge.

“The trial court clearly exceeded its authority in sua sponte suspending the mother’s parenting time when the issue before the court was child support,” Firlit’s attorney told Fox News in a statement. “The father did not bring this issue before the court. The mother did not know her parenting time was being discussed when she went to zoom court on August [10]. The judge deprived her of notice and a full hearing on the issue. The issue is now before the Illinois appellate court.”

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Biden: Extra Jobless Benefits Expire, Despite Covid Surge

President Biden has called for extra unemployment benefits to expire as scheduled. However, he urged local state governments to use Covid relief funds to help where needed.

“There are some states where it may make sense for unemployed workers to continue receiving additional assistance for a longer period of time, allowing residents of those states more time to find a job in areas where unemployment remains high,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh wrote. “The delta variant may also pose short-term challenges to local economies and labor markets.”

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