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Hollywood Entertainment gods, force young boys to have sex, promising to make them stars, exposed!

A film documentary covering actual court cases and law suits, about what has been going on in the media, how soon to be “Boy Scout Leaders” were pushing their (according to the bible) “Sexual Perversions” on the rest of the world, comes a bit late in the game.

Isn’t that called “a day late and a dollar short”.

Still a good watch for those that want to understand the power of the media to influence a culture even away from the Bible, which America was based on originally.

Hanover, Pennsylvania.  Homeowner DeAnna Simpson in an interview with CNN affiliate WPMT inside her home where she and her husband have lived for the last 7 years; helplessly witness the media messed with by the occupying spirits.

DeAnna believes the spirits are demons.  She describes a history of being scratched, pinched, held down while not being able to talk, breath or move, doors closing and of her and her cat being pushed down the stairs.  Coincidentally, the house has a history of grisly deaths.

DeAnna describes helplessness as her grown daughters refuse to stay with them and an inability to sell due to their investment in the house.

It is curious thing, during the clip in one instance DeAnna tells the spirit to close the door… and it closes the door.  Perhaps next time she could tell it where to go!


Catholic Priest Refuses Exorcism as Children not Church-Goers

San Juan Tlacotenco (south-west Mexico) – Shortly after starting to play with an Ouija board, three American friends (Alexandra Huerta, 22, her brother Sergio, 23, and cousin Fernando Cuevas, 18) reportedly became possessed by evil spirits and were taken to hospital.

Alexandra’s parents said they had called paramedics after a local Catholic priest in the village of San Juan Tlacotenco refused to perform an exorcism on the three because they were not churchgoers.

Minutes into it, she started ‘growling’ and thrashing around in a ‘trance-like’ state.

Sergio and Fernando also reportedly started showing signs of ‘possession’, including feelings of blindness, deafness and hallucinations.

In reporting to the home, Paramedics also took Alexandra’s parents to hospital.

Alexandra was restrained to prevent her from hurting herself, before treating the three with painkillers, anti-stress medication and eye drops.

 ‘They spoke of feeling numbness, double vision, blindness, deafness, hallucinations, muscle spasm and difficulty swallowing.’


Presbyterians to divest against Israel

DETROIT — The US Presbyterian Church on Friday became the most prominent religious group in the US to endorse divestment as a protest against Israeli policies towards the Palestinians.  They voted to sell church stock in three different companies whose products Israel uses in the occupied territories.

The American Jewish Committee, a policy and advocacy group based out of New York, stated that the vote was “driven by hatred of Israel.”

Israeli officials, along with many American Jewish groups, denounced the campaign as an attempt to delegitimize the Jewish state.

In a statement on its Facebook page, the Israeli Embassy in Washington denounced the resolution as “shameful.”

“Voting for symbolic measures marginalizes and removes its ability to be a constructive partner to promote peace in the Middle East,” said the statement.

Omar Barghouti, a co-founder of the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement, lauded the vote as a “sweet victory for human rights.”

He indicated that Presbyterian supporters of Palestinian rights have introduced divestment into the U.S. mainstream and have given Palestinians “real hope in the face of the relentless and intensifying cruelty of Israel’s regime of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid.”

Two other smaller U.S. religious groups have also divested in protest of Israeli policies: the Friends Fiduciary Corp., which manages assets for U.S. Quakers, and the Mennonite Central Committee.


Synthetic ID Emerging as Fastest Growing Consumer Fraud

A man in Marina del Rey has been convicted on charges related to a fast growing high-tech crime known as synthetic identity theft, according to KNX 1070.

KNX 1070′s Charles Feldman reports the prosecution is believed to be only the second such prosecution in the nation.

Accoring to Experian, synthetic identity theft happens when thieves create new identities either by combining real and fake identifying information to establish new accounts with fictional identities, or create a brand new identity from fake or inaccurate information.

Perpetrators of synthetic ID theft currently only use a stolen Social Security number – the only piece of information that matches the “real” person – the crime can therefore go undetected for years.

“It’s almost like a ghost is committing these crimes,” says prosecutor Warren Kato with the District Attorney’s Office.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, synthetic identity theft is the fastest-growing type of ID fraud in the U.S. and has already surpassed “true-name” identity fraud, which estimated it currently accounts for up to 85 percent of all identity fraud.

To avoid becoming a victim of synthetic ID theft, consumers are urged to review their annual Social Security statement to ensure their reported income figure is not over-inflated from what was actually earned, and also to be on the lookout for mail that is sent to your home address with another person’s name.


Chicago Nuns sue strip club

A determined convent of nuns in  Chicago have filed suit against a strip club they say plays disturbing music while they try to pray.

The nuns of St. Charles have named Club Allure Chicago and the village of Stone Park in their suit which was filed Friday in Cook County Circuit Court.

According to the suit, the sisters have seen “public violence, drunkenness and litter, including empty whiskey and beer bottles, discarded contraceptive packages and products and even used condoms,”.  The lawsuit also mentions the “pulsating and rhythmic staccato-beat noise and flashing neon and or strobe lights” that disturb the nuns.

“Our sisters’ sacred space has been invaded,” according to Sister Noemia Silva. “At night now they hear the music when they’re praying. That’s uncalled for.”

According to attorney Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society, a Chicago-based public interest law firm representing the convent, the sisters have a right to pray and work peacefully without interference.

However the Stone Park Village Attorney Dean Krone states that the village has acted legally and reasonably and the club manager, Robert Itzkow says that the nuns are not being very neighborly.  In speaking with WMAQ-TV he states “We spent an awful lot of money to make sure that this kind of thing would not occur,”… “The whole thing is just a question of `we don’t like you; you don’t conform to our religious beliefs.”‘

Itzkow stated the club’s dancers “aren’t monsters. They’re daughters; they’re mothers, and some of them are Catholics too.”


Mexican Military on US soil? Shooting American Citizens?

Some experts believe that aspects of the Mexican army are openly assisting drug cartels along their smuggling routes into U.S. territory.  Further, a report surfaced a month ago that Mexican troops actually held U.S. agents at gunpoint…. on U.S. soil, before retreating back into Mexican territory.

A new report itemizes dozens of invasions across the border by Mexican troops, who have shot Americans and have even landed helicopters on ranchers’ land and held them at gunpoint.

Seeking comment on the Federal response, US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske admitted that the intruders were “confirmed members of the Mexican military” but he asserts that U.S. border officials determined that no further action was necessary involving the matter.

Kerlikowske stated that military incursions from Mexico are not that frequent but did admit that there were 23 such incidents in the Tucson and Yuma sectors of Arizona since 2010, including three this year so far.

12 year old Wisconsin girls stab friend to please mythological demon creature

According to prosecutors two 12-year-old southeastern Wisconsin girls stabbed their 12-year-old friend almost to death in the woods to please a mythological creature they learned about online.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Waukesha County Circuit Court, the girls had been planning to kill their friend for months and finally made the attempt in a park on Saturday.

One of the girls indicated to the detective they were trying to become “proxies” of Slender Man, a mythological demon-like character they learned about on, a website focused on horror stories and legends.  According to the complaint, they planned to run away to the demon’s mansion in Nicolet National Forest after the slaying.

Court Commissioner Thomas Pieper… “I recognize their young ages but it’s still unbelievable,”.

The victim suffered 19 stab wounds; one missed a major artery near her heart by a millimeter, doctors told police. She was in stable condition Monday. The court documents did not provide her name.

One of the girls said she sees Slender Man in her dreams. She mentioned that he watches her and can read her mind and teleport.

At a news conference Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack said “It’s extremely disturbing as a parent”.



San Francisco to provide free Transgender Surgery


San Francisco continues to lead the U.S. in strange firsts.  They are about to become the first city to cover costs of genger reassignment surgery.

This program would be for San Francisco residents who are uninsured.

On Tuesday, the cities’ Health Commission voted for the program which was announced last Thursday.

The program would cover mastectomies, genital reconstruction and other related surgery.

According to Barbara Garcia, the local Public Health Director, the program would not be running until later next year.


Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Talk Show Canceled After Only 2 Seasons

Telepictures, an arm of Warner Bros. studio, released the news on Monday that Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show “Anderson Live” will not be renewed at the end of the second season.

Poor ratings are why the show will not continue as reported by the New York Times.

Warner Bros. in its statement regarding Anderson Cooper’s show… “We are extremely proud of Anderson and the show that he and the entire production team have produced… While we made significant changes to the format, set and produced it live in its second season, the series will not be coming back for a third season in a marketplace that has become increasingly difficult to break through.”

Cooper’s Twitter account was silent.

Anderson Cooper has been known to mock or discredit evangelicals such as Cindy Jacobs and Bob Larson


Obama Supporters… Hate Obama’s Policies?

Luke Rudkowski, in a new video by “We Are Change”, interviewed Obama supporters about Romney’s  er Obama’s policies, and the results are interesting.

The results seem to confirm Howard Stern’s opinion.  Voters tend to feel strongly about a candidate, despite not really knowing anything about what they stand for or have done.