Chinese President Xi Warns of “Crushed Bodies” Over Hong Kong Protests

President Xi has issued a stern warning to protesters in Hong Kong, saying the protests will end in “crushed bodies and shattered bones”.

Violent protests, which began in June,  are continuing. The protests are over Chinese government interference in Hong Kong. Many fear that the Chinese government may send in the military to quash the protests. Police have been secretly infiltrating the protesters in a bid to stop the movement; and there are reports that mainland Chinese forces are aiding Hong Kong police already.

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27,000 French police stage protest over poor working conditions, increased suicides, and low morale

Close to 27,000 French police officers staged a “march of anger” on the streets of Paris this week to protest against a range of issues, including poor working conditions, low morale, surging suicide rates, and a lack of resources.

The organizers of the event, called March of the Angry, have referred to it as something that’s never been seen before as close to 150,000 individuals are believed to have taken part in the march across the country.

The march marked the first mass police strike in France nearly two decades.

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90 percent of working-age ‘asylum seekers’ from the Middle East and North Africa who crossed into Sweden since 2015 DO NOT have jobs. This is the reason for Brexit pulling out of the EU.

A study carried out by Statistics Sweden has indicated that migrant unemployment rates are sky high and that social welfare services are being disproportionately relied on by low-skilled migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, Aftonbladet reports.

The study examined statistics on how migrants who came in 2015 and after, who today have permanent residence permits, are sustaining themselves economically. What the study found was shocking.

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Pelosi May Face Questions Over Her Son’s Links to the Ukraine

Joe Biden may not be the only one facing scrutiny over their son’s links to Ukraine. It has immersed that the son of Nancy Pelosi also has business links to the Ukraine, and people are beginning to ask if his mother’s position helped him in doing business there.

A 2013 promotional video has resurfaced which Nancy Pelosi talking about her work to promote clean energy, then the video cuts to a promotional segment with Paul Pelosi Jr, who was a board member of Viscoil and an executive at its related company NRGLab. Both of which are energy companies. The companies did business with Ukraine.

In the video he says: “My name is Paul Pelosi…and Viscoil is here today to talk about accelerating the future,” said Pelosi Jr. “That’s what Viscoil does — it uses technology to maximize the use of natural resources, like oil and other resources.”

Then in 2017 Paul Pelosi travelled to the Ukraine for Corporate Governance Initiative, where he now serves as executive director. Reportedly the trip was to discuss a youth soccer partnership, however clips from the visit have now been removed from online.

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How to hide in plain sight- A growing fashion trend

Artists and fashion designers are coming up with novel ways to stay private in public

Emily Roderick, 23, and her cohorts in “The Dazzle Club” walked around the British capital last week with blue, red and black stripes painted across their faces in an effort to escape the watchful eye of facial-recognition cameras.

The artists took their silent stroll through the city’s King’s Cross area hoping their bold make-up would act as camouflage and confuse the cameras.

“We’re hiding in plain sight,” Roderick told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, explaining that bright colours and dark shades of make-up are known to hamper a camera’s ability to accurately recognise faces.

In Hong Kong, for example, protesters against a bill that would have allowed people to be sent to mainland China for trial have sought to avoid surveillance by wearing masks and dressing in black.

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China Debuts Powerful Missile as Defence against” Nuclear Blackmail”

As part of their public celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the communist party taking control of China, the regime has unveiled a new powerful missile, they say will protect against “Nuclear Blackmail”.

The advanced Dongfeng-41 intercontinental ballistic missile was hailed by Chinese military experts as flawless.

“This proves that China has sufficient and reliable strategic nuclear power, and decision-makers have the confidence to show and use them to respond to any kind of nuclear threat from any country,” gushed Chinese defense news editor Wu Jian to the state-run Global Times.

“No matter how advanced the missile is, it always needs a mature and comprehensive system to make sure it can accurately strike a target, which at least includes intelligence gathering, satellite surveillance, logistics, and construction of launching positions,” Wu added, implying that not only the missile if an impressive achievement, but also indicating how technologically advanced China’s military has become.

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Pelosi’s Approved Words are to be Used by Democrats for Trump Impeachment

The Democrats have been struggling to craft a cohesive message over the impeachment of Trump. Many democrats in swing seats are worried about showing support for the impeachment proceedings.

Pelosi has told democrats to use pre-approved words and phrases repeatedly as part of her strategy to bolster public support and show a united front within her party. These words include:  “betrayal,” “abuse of power,” and “national security.”

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