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Donald Trump Rejoices as he finally gets rid of Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann: is so disgusted by Donald Trump’s politics that he’s moving from his Trump-owned building.
“I’m getting out… the former MSNBC and recently fired from ESPN personality wrote in a news opinion piece for the Washington Post. “I can’t hear, or see, or say that name any longer without spitting” the looser said.

Fact check confirmed Keith Olbermann needs to sell his luxury Trump apartment as he is now jobless, hoping this hit piece will help reinvigorate his failing news career.

Olbermann said that he has lived in one of the New York City Trump buildings for nearly nine years. He describes his time there as “largely happy” and says the staff has been “excellent.”

In a statement Trump said “You’re Fired ! ”

You Just Can’t Make this stuff up

Hillary For President…

Hollywood Entertainment gods, force young boys to have sex, promising to make them stars, exposed!

A film documentary covering actual court cases and law suits, about what has been going on in the media, how soon to be “Boy Scout Leaders” were pushing their (according to the bible) “Sexual Perversions” on the rest of the world, comes a bit late in the game.

Isn’t that called “a day late and a dollar short”.

Still a good watch for those that want to understand the power of the media to influence a culture even away from the Bible, which America was based on originally.

The reality: business owners that provide jobs will vote for Trump.
The real question is: will non business people who only work for hourly wage actually understand what brings prosperity? Or will they vote the government to “Bleed” the rich, causing them to close down and you’re jobs to be lost?

Your choices will set your blessing or a future curse on all our lives !

Do you really want to pull ALL PROSPERITY DOWN so at least everyone is miserable and poor?

Why don’t you first study the Great Depression !
No money, no food, no hope, EVERYONE WAS DEPRESSED because they could not do anything.
Is that really what you want?

When is the last time you can name that a poor person “trickled up” and provided an income for anyone else?

Stop listening to Michael Moore.. he is a moron and is not providing jobs for you, he is only taking your money, feeding you a line of bull…

At the world Council Affairs meeting at the Beverly Hills Hilton, Michael Moore told everyone he lied about Bush. He did it for the money. Everyone fell out of their chairs…

WAKE UP ! Greed and lies is nothing more than Greed and Lies…

Harry Reed lied about Romney never paying taxes. He did it from the floor of the Senate.
1) to the ignorant, that statement apears to be true because it is coming from the floor of the senate by a senator.

2) to the lying senator Hairy Reed, he knows he’s protected on the senate floor from slander law suits so he uses the system at the cost of his integrity and now has resigned with all the money and business deals and favors he has set up for himself while in the senate.


Harry Reed exploiting the law the ignorant do not know about: “well who cares, Romeny didn’t win did he”. So Hairy Butts lies to the people to get them to vote against a lie, and the same ignorant are in worse poverty today because of lying senators!

Is it true lying liberals cannot win unless they lie?

Do you really want to win by Lying? Do you really think lying leaders will do anything but defeat the moral of the USA and bring poverty to us all? PLEASE DON’T BE STUPID. You are hear because this country is the Promise. If you do not believe, go back to your poverty country !!!


Do we have a future of blessings or will you bring everything down to hell?
Wake Up !!


“Muslim Culture Meets German Engineering” – a 15-second commercial.
Looks like VW is once again putting out a fine product.

VW could never get away with this advertisement in the U.S.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland it is the most popular TV commercial playing.

People allegedly call in to learn the schedules for showing this commercial.



Many conspiracy theorists believe Sandy Hook as well as the Boston Marathon bombing were government conducted terrorist strikes, designed to get the guns away from the American public and test if presented correctly would citizens willingly submit to marshal law?

So was this a government attempt to get the citizens to give up their guns?
And why was the last lead producing plant in the USA closed down by government regulations, only after they bought up all the lead bullets produced?

Interesting that at the end of world ward II when Japanese generals were interviewed, they were asked. “After Pearl Harbor the west coast of the USA was completely defenseless. Why didn’t Japan attack the west coast of the USA?” The defeated Japanese generals said “Because we knew that most of your citizens were very well armed and we knew if we landed we would be picked off by the citizens defending their homeland.”

There have been many documentaries about this part of Connecticut and powerful hauntings or evil spiritual power.

The one thing for sure about Sandy Hook, is an author who gained world wide fame by first writing a book about children killing children, then a movie about children killing children lives and was inspired with these concepts by the ruling atmosphere in Sandy Hook Connecticut. The name of the movie franchise is “The Hunger Games”

Sundance: Why WME Recused Itself from ‘Chicagoland’ Series Featuring Rahm Emanuel

Directors Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin did not want to create a conflict of interest when making a CNN show about the mayor of Chicago, brother of WME co-CEO Ari Emanuel.

PARK CITY — Chicagoland directors Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin found themselves in an awkward situation when they began working on the eight-part non-scripted series that chronicles the politics and policy of the Windy City.

The William Morris Endeavor clients decided to ask that their agency not represent them in the deal so as to avoid a conflict of interest when covering Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, brother of WME co-CEO Ari Emanuel. The agency agreed with the decision.
“We didn’t want to be questioned about anything,” says Levin, who is in Park City for the Sundance premiere of episode one of Chicagoland on Sunday.
VIDEO: 10 Moments That Rocked the Sundance Film Festival
CNN is launching the series, which is being executive produced by Robert Redford, beginning on March 6. CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker, Redford and the filmmakers will be on hand for a Q&A following the premiere on Sunday. Redford is also repped by WME.
The filmmakers tell The Hollywood Reporter that the project is an evenhanded look at the mayor and the city, which was rocked by a bitter teacher’s strike and has grappled with a high murder rate. “The teacher’s union thought we were with Rahm, and Rahm thought we were the teacher’s union,” Benjamin says.
The pair gained extraordinary access to Rahm Emanuel, which was facilitated by David Axelrod, the Chicago-based former campaign adviser to President Barack Obama. Rahm was Obama’s first chief of staff and helped him get elected in 2008. Ari was instrumental in mobilizing the Hollywood donor community to back Obama.
Levin and Benjamin shot footage over an eight-month period in which the murder rate did go down, but they say they were prepared to cover the city’s story however it unfolded. “We expect criticism,” says Levin. “So long as it’s from all sides, we’ll be happy. If someone says we’re too kind or too critical to one side, that wouldn’t be good.”
As for whether or not they will continue to be represented by WME agent Dan Shear now that Chicagoland is behind them, Levin jokes, “We’ll see on Sunday.”