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Biden Signs Executive Order Halting Keystone Pipeline

One of Biden’s first acts as President was to sign an executive order halting the Keystone Pipeline.

“This is a major infrastructure project that President Biden killed six hours into his presidency,” Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont said. “It’s outrageous and it’s going to get worse.”

Sen Daines criticized the President warning the decision was putting “Saudi Arabia first.”

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Biden’s 17 Executive Order’s Hours After Entering Oval Office

Biden signs 17 executive orders hours after entering the Oval Office. In doing so he sweeps aside some of President Trump’s more controversial policies.

  1. Revoking travel bans on some Muslim majority countries
  2. The halting of the US-Mexico border wall construction
  3. Directed the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to take appropriate measures to fortify Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
  4. Revoking orders to exclude undocumented individuals from the census and apportionment of Congressional representatives.
  5. Memorandum reinstating deportation protections for Liberian immigrants
  6. Establishing a position of coordinator of the COVID-19 response
  7. Masks must be worn on federal property
  8. Reversal of the order removing the US from the World Health Organisation
  9. Executive order extending moratorium on evictions and foreclosures
  10.  A pause on student loans
  11. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords
  12. Stopping the Keystone Pipeline ang halting leasing for gas and oil permits in the Arctic.
  13. The promotion of racial equality
  14. An order barring discrimination based on gender and sex
  15. Executive order requiring ethics pledge for government appointees
  16. Memorandum “modernizing” regulatory review

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Family Kicked Off Flight Because 2 Year Old Refused to Wear Mask

A family on a United Airlines flight to New York were told to leave after their two-year-old would not wear a face mask. Video shows the parents trying to put the mask on their child, and the little girl becoming distressed. At one point the father puts his hand over her mouth and says that she now is compliant.

However, the family were removed from the flight. In a further inconvenience to the family their luggage and the toddler’s car seat remained on the flight.

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In Japan More People die of Sucide in October than of Covid over entire Year

Japan is facing a metal health crisis. With more people committing suicide in October than died of Covid over the whole of the year. women have been affected worse than men.

Japan is one of the few nations in the world to release real time data on suicides, for example the more recent data for the US is 2018. The data from Japan gives an insight into the mental health cost of the pandemic. Experts have warned that as the economic and social impacts of the pandemic continue the mental health implications will worsen.

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Pennsylvania Election Hearing: Col Phil Waldron Bombshell Evidence

Voting expert Col Phil Waldron in giving evidence at the Pennsylvania election hearing has claimed that in one batch of ballots  that recorded some 570,000 votes for Joe Biden and only 3,200 for Donald Trump. If true, that would mean 99.4% of that batch would have went to Joe Biden.

Col. Waldron also outlined the weakness in the electronic voting system.

Waldren: At the very beginning of the chart, where there’s a circle that says “On Election Day,” what that indicates is there’s a spike in loaded votes. 337,000-plus-or-minus-some votes that were added in there in one big batch. So that was an anomaly in the reporting. Normally you would expect to see a smooth curve going up, not any big spikes, that’s kind of what Greg was talking about, the anomalies of loading and uploading those votes. So that big spike that occurs there is a prime indicator of fraudulent voting.

Giuliani: And that’s [a total of] 604,000 votes in 90 minutes, is that right?

Waldren: Correct, this is [shows chart] 337,000 votes in that period of time.

Giuliani: And when you look at this entire curve, with all these spikes, can you calculate how much of a vote that accounted for for Biden, and how much for Trump?

Waldren: Close to 600,000. I think our figures were about 570-some-odd-thousand that all those spikes represent overtime.

Giuliani: For Biden?

Waldren: Correct.

Giuliani: And how much for Trump?

Waldren: I think it was a little over 3,200.

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UN Seeks “New Social Norms” For the Spreading of “Real” News

The United  Nations and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have joined forces to seek out “wrong information” and try to create new “social norms” for the spreading of news and information over social media. The two globalist organisations are to set up a new global coronavirus news service.

“When COVID-19 emerged, it was clear from the outset this was not just a public health emergency, but a communications crisis as well,” Melissa Fleming, chief of global communications for the United Nations, said.

“We’re trying to create this new social norm called ‘pause – take care before you share’,” Fleming continued. “We’re equipping people, through this new social norm, with a bit of ‘information scepticism’.”

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Covid 19: China Pushes QR Codes as Travel Pass

At the G20 Summit President Xi Jinping has called for a “global mechanism” to open up international travel.

He suggested that everyone have a QR code. “We need to further harmonise policies and standards and establish ‘fast tracks’ to facilitate the orderly flow of people,” he said.

QR codes would be linked to your health care status.

However, human rights campaigners have warned that the system could be used for “broader political monitoring and exclusion”.

Within the Chinese city of  Hangzhou a permanent QR code system will be implemented to give citizens a personal health score based on their medical history, personal fitness and health check ups.

Singapore and Australia have also used QR code technology during the pandemic in their track and trace systems.

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Paris Boulevards Empty of Christmas Shoppers Amid Second Lockdown

France has been in a second lockdown  since the end of October. As the end of November looms the streets of Paris are deserted of the Christmas shoppers. Flagship stores are boarded up.

“It’s sad. We are outside Galeries Lafayette and everything is closed,” said one would-be shopper, Emmanuelle Tiger. “They’ve put up (shop window) lights. That’s great, but we don’t feel the Christmas spirit at all.”

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Justice Alito Warns of the Dangers of the Loss of Free Speech

In a keynote speech to the conservative Federalist Society Justice Alito has warned that religious liberty and free speech are no longer as valued as they once were. He said that, “Tolerance for opposing views is now in short supply,” and warned that people in the country face retaliation, and harassment if they do not conform to the popular ideologies.

“In certain quarters religious liberty has fast become a disfavored right,” he said. “For many today, religious liberty is not a cherished freedom. It’s often just an excuse for bigotry and it can’t be tolerated even when there’s no evidence that anybody has been harmed.”

In the address he warned that religious liberty was in danger of becoming a “second-class” right.

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Who is Dr Ezekiel J. Emanuel: Biden Coronavirus Advisor?

Dr Ezekiel J. Emanuel was appointed, along with 10 other physicians, to  Biden’s Coronavirus task force. But who is he?

Dr. Emanuel is an oncologist who wrote an essay entitled: “Why I Hope to Die at 75“. He was also an architect of OmabaCare.

His thoughts on how to manage a potential flu pandemic were:

At 65, Emanuel promises to stop attempting to actively prolong his life. No more colonoscopies and no more flu shots, he assures us. “And if there were to be a flu pandemic,” he writes, “a younger person who has yet to live a complete life ought to get the vaccine or any antiviral drugs.”

He also wrote in the Lancet:

In the Lancet, Jan. 31, 2009, Dr. Emanuel and coauthors presented a “complete lives system” for the allocation of very scarce resources, such as kidneys, vaccines, dialysis machines, intensive care beds, and others.

“One maximizing strategy involves saving the most individual lives, and it has motivated policies on allocation of influenza vaccines and responses to bioterrorism. . . . Other things being equal, we should always save five lives rather than one.”

“However, other things are rarely equal — whether to save one 20-year-old, who might live another 60 years, if saved, or three 70-year-olds, who could only live for another 10 years each — is unclear…When implemented, the complete lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated…”

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