Biden’s Tax Breaks for Local Media Effort to Turn Them to the Left

It has been argued that President Biden’s tax breaks for local media are an attempt to turn them into “leftist versions of PBS or NPR”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalis, said “This is Biden and Dems in Congress helping pay the reporters’ salaries who cover for them,”

Also, Dan Gainor, vice president for free speech America and business at Media Research Center, told FOX Business, “This is insanity. I understand why some on the right support this. The decline of local journalism can hurt communities. But putting it on the federal payroll will only make it worse. Don’t expect reporters to criticize politicians who fund them. And do expect them to write stories that please those politicians,”

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Biden Administration Considering Shutting Another Pipeline

As gas prices surge and winter looms, the Biden administration are considering shutting the Michigan pipeline.  The Line 5 pipe is part of a network that pumps 540,000 barrels per day. The petroleum is taken to Escanaba, Michigan.

“They’re planning to power an industrial nation like the United States on solar panels and wind turbines,” Jason Hayes, the director of environmental policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy said, while noting that even the solar panels and wind turbines require “oil, natural gas, nuclear and even coal” to be produced.

“I hope it doesn’t end like this, but where I see it going is unfortunately the same thing that happened in February in Texas: People freezing in their homes,” he said, adding, “Most of the time when it’s extremely cold or there’s a real bad polar vortex situation, typically it’s pretty cloudy and there’s not a lot of wind.”

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Canadian Pastor Ordered to Publicly Echo Covid Medical Experts Advice from Pulpit

Polish-Canadian  Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been arrested and sentenced to 18 months probation for failing to comply with covid regulations in his state. Alberta has an ongoing legal battle with Pawlowski, after he continued to hold church services, despite churches being ordered to close.

Part of Pawlowski’s probation order states that he is to parrot the medical experts advice for his state in his church. This includes guidelines for social distancing, maske wearing, and vaccines.

Pawlowski has refused to comply with the order.

“This is totally and wholly new as far as sentencing goes, as far as I can see or as far as I am familiar with,” Sarah Miller, lawyer to Pawlowski, told Fox News. “I’ve never heard of any kind of probationary period which includes conditions that compelled certain speech. It seems highly unusual and rare.”

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Biden: I’ve Spent More Time with Chinese Leader than any other World Leader

President Biden has boosted of his close relationship with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, than any other world leader.

“Not a joke … I’ve had hours and hours and hours of meetings and personal conversations with Xi Jinping,” Biden said during a speech at a daycare center in Connecticut. “I’ve spent more time with him, I believe, than any other world leader has.”

Their close relationship was nurtured when Biden was Vice-president.

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