Chinese Scientists Claim Success Controlling Pigeon Brains

According to a recent report by the Chinese media, a team of researchers in their country, recently claimed to have utilized a solar-powered brain control gadget to lead a pigeon in flight for almost two hours.  Allowing for applications in espionage, bomb-sniffing, weapon transport in anti-terror ops, among others.

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Putin Appoints ‘Chief Exorcist’ In Continued War With Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been named “chief exorcist” by the head of the country’s Orthodox Church as the Kremlin seeks to redefine the goals of its invasion of Ukraine.

Putin, when he invaded the neighboring country on February 24, used the term “denazification,” saying that was the goal of his so-called “special military operation,” but now his security council is shifting to the phrase “desatanization.”

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Biden Parties, Economy Crashes, Lindsey Graham gives Dems motivation to vote

Joe and Democrats party while economy crashes, Lindsey Graham calls a news conference to refocus the news cycle to himself as he declares if you elect Republicans we will pass a country wide ban on Abortion.

Jessie calls Lindsey out on his bad timing and a defiant Lindsey defends why he made the news cycle about himself and if you vote Republicans into power we will ban abortion motivating the huge serge from women to who voted Democrat according to exit polls.


Prevent New Credit Account Fraud – Credit Freeze

The best defense against new credit account fraud is to place a
credit freeze on your credit report with each of the credit bureaus listed below.

A credit freeze, also known as a security freeze, prevents new creditors from viewing your credit history report.

A credit freeze is FREE and is permanent until you temporally lift or remove the freeze.

Do not confuse a freeze with a lock – they are not the same.

With a lock you are giving up your rights under the FCRA.

Stick with a credit freeze – avoid a lock

To place a credit freeze, contact each credit bureau directly and create your online account.

Setting up the online account makes the freeze more manageable. Plus, you’ll get access to your free credit reports.


You should also register your home address with the post office and turn on their service “Informed Delivery. This will email you a picture mail that is coming to your home. In the event someone else files a change of address (1st thing the crook does before he can get the equity out of your home) the post office will notify you.

1st set up an account:

2nd then sign up for:

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