Billionaires See Fortunes Soar During Pandemic

A study by Oxfam has found that the fortunes of the world’s billionaires soared by over $5T dollors during the pandemic.

“Billionaires have had a terrific pandemic,” Oxfam International’s Executive Director Gabriela Bucher said. “Central banks pumped trillions of dollars into financial markets to save the economy, yet much of that has ended up lining the pockets of billionaires riding a stock market boom.

“Vaccines were meant to end this pandemic, yet rich governments allowed pharma billionaires and monopolies to cut off the supply to billions of people. The result is that every kind of inequality imaginable risks rising. The predictability of it is sickening. The consequences of it kill.”

The wealthiest 10 people saw their collective wealth more than double. These include: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg, Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos.

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