Iran fired on unarmed US drone over international waters

The Pentagon has announced that Iran fired at an American drone last week as it flew over international waters. The incident occurred 16 nautical miles off the Kuwait coast on November 1st.

The Pentagon’s announcement coincides with a fresh round of sanctions imposed on Iran by the administration. The White House said these new sanctions are, “related to the Iranian government’s human rights abuses, it’s support of terrorism and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.”

The drone attack was the first of it’s kind over international waters in the Persian Gulf region.

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2 thoughts on “Iran fired on unarmed US drone over international waters”

  1. And now with Obama getting 4 more years, Iran knows that it can waste more time and push the envelope even further.

    The creator of the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ movie today was sentenced to prison but had released a statement saying that Obama may have got Osama but he did not kill the ideology. Islam has waited forever for a weak US president, they are going to relish the next few years.

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