NYC pushed out of top 10 world destinations

It’s official: New York City and America are no longer the center of the world by any measure beyond swagger. In fact, the continents of North and South America have fallen off the must-see map altogether according to Euromonitor’s Top 100 City report, which tracks visitor arrivals. This year’s 1.5 billion trips predominantly headed to:

  1. Hong Kong, 26.7 million
  2. Bangkok, 25.8 million
  3. Macau, 20.6 million
  4. Singapore, 10.8 million
  5. London, 10.6 million
  6. Paris, 19.1 million
  7. Dubai, 16.3 million
  8. Delhi, 15.2 million
  9. Istanbul, 14.7 million
  10. Kuala Lumpur, 14.1 million

New York City remains America’s top destination, ranking 11th internationally. Miami ranks 29th, and Los Angeles 33rd, and Las Vegas 38th. Only 13 of the top 100 cities are in the Americas; 43 are in Asia, firmly shifting the tourism industry East.

Report author Rabia Yasmeen writes that while Asia’s tourism markets expanded rapidly, America’s travel numbers were actually a feat, considering circumstances. “Despite high concern for safety and security among visitors, stringent policies and a travel ban under the Trump administration, most U.S. destinations performed well during 2018.” The report suggests that to remain competitive, American cities need to become safe places that people can easily access, which is accomplished by improving visa policies, mitigating crime and safety concerns, and boosting sustainable tourism.