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Dems Lawsuit Over Trump’s Use of Emergency Military Funds Thrown Out by Judge

Washington D.C. district judge Judge Trevor McFadden has thrown out a lawsuit by democrats over the reallocation of military funding towards emergency border wall funding. In February the President declared a humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

The judge said the dispute was a political one, and that trying to use the courts to solve the problem was trying to circumvent the political process.

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In a sweeping move, the congress is now considering a bill that would give 10 billion to the Federation of LGBT who will now turn their attention on promoting youth, not to abort their unborn babies but to instead consider putting them up for adoption.

“Who would have thought the LGBT community would have helped solve the anti-abortion problems in America.” The congressman went on to say: “It’s time we come together and heal as a nation and come up with real solutions. The way I see it, these Gays and Lesbians are Gods angels to the world. After all they are not the ones creating all these unwanted babies right!”

This move was brought on by the recent polling of adoption agencies across the nation, who report the wait time for a traditional marriage couple to adopt, has gone from 6 months to nearly 3 years, due to the increased demand by the newly legalized same sex marriage and the tremendous influx of new adoption requests by these gay couples.

When asked if they thought this bill would be blocked by the right wing controlled anti-abortion house, they said: “These anti-abortion groups should be happy. The LGBT community is now working with them to bring all these unborn babies into the world now that Gay marriage is legal. These loving gay couples are the solution to these unwanted babies and they will raise them up in a world where there is tolerance and no hate. These rightwing nuts should really be happy and stop hating everyone.”

When asked to comment, one unnamed major player in the anti-abortion movement had no comment.