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Progress on the Canadian Keystone XL Pipeline Halted

Canada is the largest supplier of energy to America. As such it was hoped that a new pipeline would be built to export crude oil from Canada to Texas.

President Obama initially rejected plans for the proposed pipeline which caused great concern with the Canadian government, and they began looking at the possibility of exporting the oil to the Asian markets instead. However proposals are now being reconsidered in Washington DC. The pipeline would be the largest infrastructure project in North America and would create many jobs in Canada and the USA, much needed in the current economic climate.


US Chamber of Commerce Hacked

Internet hackers have hacked into the US Chamber of Commerce computer systems. The attack appears to have been undetected for more than a year, and targeted four individuals computers who held sensitive information concerning trade in Asia.

Such attacks are not uncommon apparently. China has been found responsible for hacking governmental, military and industry targets in the past. America’s cyber security systems are proving inadequate to cope in this new era of cyberwarfare. However, the US military are taking the threat very seriously and are recruiting 10,000 “cyber warriors” to help defend America and her interests.

Prophet TV broadcast from the roof of the US Chamber of Commerce during the DC intercession covering the Dalai Lama’s trip to Washington DC. Support Prophet TV to enable these missions on a regular basis to sustain protection over the city.


Canadian Muslim Family Convicted of Honor Killing

A Muslim man, his wife and son have been convicted of the murder of his three daughters, and his childless second wife in his polygamous marriage.

The four women were murdered in honor killings, because they failed to uphold the strict interpretations of the Koran held by the family in relation to dress, dating, socializing and going online.

The deaths have fuelled the debate in Canada concerning the integration of Muslim immigrants into Canadian culture, due to the increased number of these “honor” killings in Canada in recent years.


Iran Threatens to Halt EU Oil Supply

Iran Threatens to Halt EU Oil Supply

After the EU and America decided on an oil embargo against Iran, over it’s nuclear program, the war of words intensifying. The EU decided on an embargo starting in July. However, Tehran are looking at stopping oil exports of EU companies immediately. Many of these companies are already in a perilous financial situation due to the Debt Crisis in Europe. The oil in question is part of a buyback scheme which the Iranian Oil Industry favors, and is oil which is owed to these companies. If Iran went ahead, China would buy the oil they refused to send to Europe.

Iran is also threatening to close the Straits of Hormuz, where about 20% of the world oil is transported, making it the most important oil transportation sea route.

Without a satisfactory conclusion of this matter there could be serious financial implications for the global economy.

Innocent Blood Spilt in New York

January 21st saw four unrelated deaths on the New York Subway. The deaths occurred in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. When the locations were mapped they formed a triangle, which pointed to the Tibetan Centre in Manhattan.

Our New York ICOTG testified to knowing something was seeking access the days running up to January 21st. After the deaths, the church went to the locations to redeem the land.



World Economic Forum Davos 2012

Davos, Switzerland, is home to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. During the five day event the most influential people in politics, economics, media and business discuss the most pressing events in the world.

No one can doubt the seriousness of the world’s present situation. However, the solutions being discussed by the world’s ruling elite ought to be of even greater concern.

The World Economic Forum’s own website explicitly states that they will look at “new global models” to fix the broken world economy. Klus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, has said “capitalism in it’s current form has no place in the world around us.”

However, they are not only looking at new economic models but also a new model of global governance. Moisei Naim, Senior Associate in the International Economic Program of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, has said there are too many centres of power but “no one has enough power to impose a way forward.” Therefore, one must deduce from Naim’s statement that he believes the way forward is to create a new institution with far more power so as to “impose” their new economic model on the world and bring about the “rebalancing” they desire to see… could this be some sort of mandate of centralised global power, for one world government, (or as they state themselves) “multi-stakeholder governance”?

We ought to be questioning what spirit is influencing the world elite, what spirit is enthroned in Davos Switzerland. Prophet TV has been uncovering serious links to Tibetan Buddhism. In August 2011 the Dalai Lama visited Genva, home to the World Economic Forum, where he said “that Switzerland is the first Tibetan settlement (outside India)”. In April 2010 the Dalai Lama addressed the biggest gathering of Tibetan Buddhists in Switzerland’s history; a country which has the biggest population of Tibetan Buddhists in Europe. So, out of the many beautiful European locations one could choose to have a summit of the world’s elite, they have chosen a place where the spirit of the Dalai Lama has pre-eminence.

At the same time India is leading the world in biometric identification, pioneering the technology required to create a cashless society among its 1.2 billion population.

These are very serious issues. Lack of support has not made it possible for Prophet TV to be present at Davos 2012, however we need to book now for Davos 2013, as the world’s most powerful figures push an agenda into a very dark place.



European Union to Bring New Data Protection Laws

The EU has passed new laws which will significantly improve data protection for individuals online. The web has highlighted many data protection issues, and these will only increase. In the past, Facebook has come under attack for not being careful enough with it’s users personal information, and the case of Sony, when 77 million customers had their personal information stolen by hackers, made it very real what can happen to your personal data when mishandled.

The new laws will not only impose heavy penalties on those who breach the new rules, but also give individuals new rights as well, including the “right to be forgotten”.

As we increasingly use cloud technology and have our personal details stored all over the world in massive servers, we need to know those who control this information are doing so in a safe and responsible manner.


Euro Up January 2012

All the leading economists and world leaders are saying 2012 will be a difficult year for the world economy. Many are saying events in Europe will have catastrophic effects on the global economy.

After the New Year the Euro seemed to be in a free fall. Markets were jittery. Then God sent His Mantle back into Europe. The Mantle: He is called and appointed for this time to change world events. As a result. while the mantle is in Europe, the Euro has began to climb strongly again. This is having a knock on effect to the stock markets in Europe and America.

This is wonderful news for the global economy, and those who understand these things have a real impact upon our day to day lives… ask the Greeks! However, this mission which is having a real effect has not been paid for by partners yet and therefore this mission may have to end before it is completed. Prophet TV are consistent in following the call of God; but the church is inconsistent and disobedient in supporting the work of God.

God show’s His Prophets what will happen and where to go. It is the job of the church to support the Prophets in the work they do, even if they do not understand that work. If you fail to see the anointing on this ministry,maybe it is time to examine your own heart, not judge and criticise the ministry. Deal with the fear of lack in your life so you can hear God more clearly: fast and pray in tongues until you discern a right spirit.

On this mission we need to go to Luxembourg. Luxembourg is important… even if you cannot see it. No one thought Italy was important before Prophet TV was sent in, now we see that the economic fate of that country is pivotal to us all.



China’s Own Debt Mountain

As China chides the West for our mountains of debt, they have an inconvenient truth of their own. Decades ago China began to sell sovereign bonds to the West. However, for the last 60 years they have refused to pay bondholders back, not even the interest!

Britain managed to broker a deal with China as part of their agreement over Hong Kong, which ensured China pay back their debts to the UK, however the rest has remained unpaid.  Consequently China owes $750 billion to America, and several trillion dollars globally! This ought to be termed as a “selective default”, however the ratings agency choses to look at it differently.

The consequences of this fudge of the rules means China continues to pay nothing on these debts, but demands the rest of the world to pay theirs.

America pays her debts. She asks China to do likewise.

The World’s First Biometric ID Database

As technologies become ever more sophisticated the possibilities they bring to governments raise very serious issues about civil liberties. India is embarking on a Social Security database, which issues every one of it’s 1.2 billion people with a Unique Identification Number (UID). This number is linked to biometric data about that individual, such as their fingerprint, iris, and photograph; thus making identity cards very difficult to falsify.

The thinking behind this database is to combat the rampant social security fraud in the nation. Therefore, linking an individuals entitlements to healthcare, welfare, education etc to the database will make it harder for people to claim as bogus individuals.

However, they plan to allow banks and local government, as well as other institutions access to the database, thus allowing the database to be used to authorize payments to people’s bank accounts. This could pave the way for a cashless society.

The company who are providing the technology behind the scheme have admitted that this scheme could be used to “support a cashless society”.

Governments throughout the world are gathering vast amounts of data on their citizens, and the technology available to them is developing at such a rate that a cashless society, in which people are monitored 24/7, is  not just the stuff of Orwellian fiction but a very real possibility.




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The Death of Kim Jong-il

The hermit, stalinist state of North Korea saw the death of it’s leader Kim Jong-il this month. The 69 year old is believed to have died from a heart attack. Kim Jong-il was worshiped as a demi-god by the people, and was an all powerful leader.  Opposition to his rule was met with brutal punishment, the harsh labour camps are places where people seldom leave.

Kim Jong-il succeed his father Kim il-Sung. Kim il-Song like his son is still revered like a god, and is called the “Eternal Leader”. North Koreans are completely cut off from the outside world. The people are fed a constant stream of propaganda which portrays the outside world, particularly America as evil, and themselves as a pure race, the envy of the world; there is no access to outside media whatsoever. The authorities tell the people they need to remain cut off so as to protect the purity of their blood. Both Kim il-Sung and Kim Jong-il have viewed Christians as one of the greatest enemies to the nation. North Korea was once a predominately Christian nation, with Pyongyang called the Jerusalem of the east. However, when Kim il-Sung took power he sought to eradicate the church. All Christians were rounded up and executed. Today any Christians found are sent to labour camps where they are tortured and eventually killed. A few testimonies have emerged from some who have secretly converted the Christianity from within the camps, and were later released before escaping to China, they tell of the terrible suffering of the tiny church within North Korea.

The general population do not fair much better, most are malnourished, and it is not uncommon to see people die of starvation by the roadside; whilst the ruling elite live in luxury.

Kim Jong- il is to be succeeded by his son Kim Jong-un. His official age is 29, but it is thought to be only 27, very little is known of him. It is therefore believed the powerful figures that surrounded his father will vie for position, and seek to control Kim Jong-un.

How this will play out is uncertain. What we do know, is as the nation starves, North Korea has invested in one of the largest armies in the world, and has nuclear weapons. An uneasy truce with South Korea could erupt at any time, as the paranoid North Korean government tend to act on the slightest act they deem as provocation. And the people have been told for decades that the West seeks to destroy them.


Senate Bill 1867: National Defence Authorization Act

Since 9/11 homeland security has been at the top of the political agenda. The threat from Al Qaeda and affiliated groups remains high; and clearly, America’s enemies are not necessarily living in some far off land, but on her very soil. The threat from home grown terrorists is very real.

Consequently the recently passed Bill 1867 National Defence Authorization Act, has integrated national security with homeland security. On the face of things this may appear a good idea, if it keeps America safe. However, the bill has caused widespread alarm due to it’s wider implications.

S 1867 now defines American soil as part of “the battlefield”, and American citizens deemed to be “at war” with America can be detained without charge or trial. The protection offered citizens under the Constitution therefore will be removed.

The language of the bill is so vague it could be open to abuse, and could be used against US citizens; in a worst case scenario paving the way for internment camps.

Such legislation has the appearance of wisdom, but will do very little to protect against the types of terrorist attacks we have seen. What protects a region against destruction is the Presence of God, exposing wickedness, and renewing the minds of those who seek to perpetrate such crimes.

It was Prophet TV bringing the mantle into New York which stopped the Times Square bomb in May 2010. It was Prophet TV establishing an International Church Of The Gates (ICOTG) in Manhattan New York, which brought about the miracle on the Hudson, when a passenger plane landed on the icy Hudson River with no casualties. Scientifically, that plane ought to have crashed resulting in disaster, so this truly was a miracle. However, it is always God’s desire to save.

Such legislation as S 1867 only removes freedom, and could be used to oppress; only the Presence of God truly protects. Partner with Prophet TV, and partake of the mantle on this ministry.


“May the Force be With You”

Scientists from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN Switzerland, believe they have found the elusive Higgs Boson, or God particle. The Higgs Boson is the Holy Grail of particle physics, the missing piece of the jigsaw in the Standard Model of particle physics. The Standard Model explains the entire sub-atomic world, and the LHC was built in a large part to try and discover the Higgs Boson.

The Higgs Boson is a tiny particle which creates a force field, which had been dubbed, “The Force”. Everything in the universe interacts with this force and derives it’s mass from the Higgs field. The National Geographic described it like, “sort of the way a Jedi knight in Star Wars is the carrier of the “force””, or like Obi Wan said, “the Force surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.”

We need to be aware that while scientists are attempting to make sense of how our world was created, they could also be making black holes as a result of their experiments, which may endanger our planet, in their quest for knowledge of the creation of the universe, as they seek to create matter. Where these experiments will eventually lead is both mind-blowing and concerning in the hands of Man.


Iran’s Army Prepare for War

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard have been placed on a war footing. Iran is again facing international pressure over it’s nuclear program, and it is now increasingly apparent that Iran will not give up it’s nuclear ambitions.

The Iranian government believe it’s nuclear program is the victim of a concerted and sustained attack from the West, beginning last year with a cyber attack directly upon it’s nuclear facilities. Iran also believe the West is responsible for two recent explosions, both military targets.

“It looks like the 21st century form of war,” said Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a Washington think tank, told the Los Angeles Times. “It does appear that there is a campaign of assassinations and cyber war, as well as the semi-acknowledged campaign of sabotage.”

Iran have been hitting back by raiding the British embassy in Tehran and shooting down a US spy drone. Iran have seized computers from the British embassy, and the US security services are concerned over the loss of the spy drone.

This escalation in the region has to be taken seriously. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has openly spoken of his belief that he is God’s chosen vessel to usher in the coming of the Mahdi, an Islamic Messianic figure.

The Mahdi, or 12th Imam is prophesied to come in the midst of an apocalyptic type war, resulting in the destruction of Israel. It is little wonder that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is taking the threat very seriously. Prime Minister Netanyahu has said Israel would make “the right decision at the right moment”. For Israel, an Iran with a nuclear arsenal is not an option that they will tolerate.