Debra Messing Says Kanye West Trying to Steal Black Voters from Biden

Actress Debra Messing has attracted criticism for saying Kayne West is trying to steal away black voters from Biden.

In a tweet from an account that has since been protected, @TheRickyDavila tweeted to Messing: “To be clear, Kanye West is a redhat [sic] wearing MAGA Lunatic, so if he’s wanting to run for the Presidency, it’s probably a plan between [T]rump and Kanye to strip whatever support they can away from Biden as a last ditch effort. That’s what I believe.”

Messing was in agreement and tweeted back, “Absolutely. He’s playing Jill Stein. He’s trying to take you g black voters from Biden. It’s disgusting.

However, Nina Turner, national co-chair of socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign responded to Messing with:

You just can’t stop dipping can you [Debra Messing]? Your connotation is racist,” said Turner, who is black.

“1. Black voters are not owned by anyone,” she continued. “Our vote should be earned every election cycle. 2. We can think for ourselves & don’t need your help. 3. Sometimes it’s best to stay out of family business.”

This is not the first time Messing has been accused of racism. Last year she tweeted that any black Trump supporter must be suffering from a “mental illness”.

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