Mixed Reaction to Sen. Hawley’s Bill to Crack Down on Big Tech Giants

Sen Hawley has proposed a bill that would force tech companies like Facebook and Twitter to prove they are politically neutral. Conservatives have been seeking ways to stop these tech giants controlling the political narrative and promoting their own agenda.

“Social media companies that have routinely deplatformed conservatives and censored conservative speech should no longer enjoy the protections granted to politically neutral platforms,” Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, said in a statement Wednesday, referring to Section 230. “These tech companies claim they have no ideological bias — it is time they prove it.”

However, some conservatives think Sen. Hawley’s bill could have the opposite affect. They fear that the legislation would cause tech companies to remove political content that they fear would spark controversy, and thus further shut down the conservative voice.

“If social media firms are worried about being liable for user-generated content, they’re likely to be more aggressive in taking down any vaguely political content, out of fear that it could put them in legal jeopardy,” Philip Klein, a writer at the Washington Examiner.

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