Obama Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage

In an interview with ABC, President Obama has given his support for same-sex marriage.
Before when quizzed, the President had always dodged the question, saying his view was “evolving”. However, a day after North Carolina rejected gay marriage, as unconstitutional, in a state referendum,  Obama has openly declared what most already believed was his opinion, on same-sex marriage. Obama said his view changed after discussions with his wife and children; that his daughters worldview was an important factor in forming his opinion.

Vice-President Biden had earlier given his support for gay marriage, triggering Obama’s statement.

His support has delighted his liberal supporters, and opponents have pointed out that Obama’s gay marriage endorsement, may help his fundraising from big money homosexual supporters.

Prophet TV has been teaching on spiritual dynamics, and how that sodomite spirit gained influence in America’s political system, through figures like Harvey Milk in San Francisco.