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The San Francisco area was hit with the strongest quake in 25 years. The 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The power was out in Napa, only 6 miles away from the earthquakes epicentre, affecting over 10,000 households, and some cellphone networks were down. California’s Highway 12 was also damaged, with areas of the highway buckled by the quake. There was damage to buildings in Napa. There were no fatalities in the quake.

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The Mayan apocalypse believed by some to be taking place on Dec. 21, 2012, has apparently been preceded by multiple sightings of UFOs hovering over major U.S. cities. In the past week, San Francisco and Brooklyn were both treated to the sight of mysterious illuminated objects floating in the sky.

On Dec. 3, in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, an amateur video captured a slow-moving parade of lights overhead. The trio of lights appeared to move in a coordinated fashion, slowing down and then moving again in roughly the same direction and at the same speed.

A similarly choreographed ballet of lights, reported by some as a UFO sighting, danced over the Mission district of San Francisco in the wee hours of Dec. 9. As in the Brooklyn sighting, the lights seemed to hover calmly above the city, then slowly drift away in unison, as seen in this amateur video .ufosoverSanFRan

At least one astronomer was stumped by the San Francisco sighting. “Its not a planet, its not a constellation, its not meteors, it’s not the moon,” Bing Quock, assistant director of the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences, told CBS San Francisco. “It looks to me like it could have been balloons, carrying lights.” [Infographic: Where to Spot UFOs]

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San Francisco to provide free Transgender Surgery


San Francisco continues to lead the U.S. in strange firsts.  They are about to become the first city to cover costs of genger reassignment surgery.

This program would be for San Francisco residents who are uninsured.

On Tuesday, the cities’ Health Commission voted for the program which was announced last Thursday.

The program would cover mastectomies, genital reconstruction and other related surgery.

According to Barbara Garcia, the local Public Health Director, the program would not be running until later next year.



Oakland.  While some will be coming off a sugar high and reveling in the halloween spirit of the season others will be hosting another… celebration?

An annual ritual of honoring the dead will be performed in North Oakland on Nov 1.

“It’s about remembering our forefathers, our ancestors, and for me there’s actually something spiritual about that,” stated local event founder K. Ruby Blume.  “It’s also really connected to the seasons … there’s this sense (that) nature is dying. Traditionally, there’s this sensibility that the veil is thin and people can cross over.”

After a march to Dover Park, a ceremony to call out the dead will be performed.  An alter will be built for participants to offer flowers, candles and photos of deceased loved ones.

“It’s very serious, personal and sacred” stated co-organizer Cate Freyer.

Blume was inspired to start a local ritual following 25 years of attending San Francisco’s Dia de los Muertos celebration.  Blume now sees the San Francisco event as “a sort of Burning Man… media-heavy event”.

Blume is hoping for a more intimate milieu in the Oakland location, therefore recording equipment is discouraged.  Event start time will be around 5:30 at either the Driver or McGregor parks, the march will head to Dover Park and the ritual and altar building should be around sunset.



Father Dan Nascimento, a Priest from the St. Brendan Parish church based in San Francisco, held a prayer service this Thursday at the location of a recent fatal shooting.

Julio Escobar, a coordinator for the archdioceses Restorative Justice Ministry stated, the service is part of an ongoing series of prayer meetings organized by the ministry at sites of homicides in San Francisco.

“This is part of our faith,” Escobar said. “Our faith causes us to deal with the dead. Also, our ministries deal with the family members of the dead.”

Escobar also goes on to say “We want to create a support ministry for both victims family members and family members of those who are incarcerated,”


Giant Phallic Symbol/Statue in works for San Francisco


San Francisco Transbay Tower Base


San Francisco Transbay Tower

The Transbay Tower will be the tallest building/phallic symbol in San Francisco after receiving final approval by the Planning Commission.

The latest design adds nighttime lighting, allowing it to be a more distinct skyline feature of the city, particularly in the dark.

Sfist.com, a website focused on anything San Francisco, states the obvious.  The building’s latest design tweaks, when viewed from a distance look… like a vibrator.  When viewing the base, it looks like something else that most would describe officially and politely as phallic or phallus related.

Fred Clarke the architect with Pelli Clarke Pelli, described wanting to create something (buddhist)… or “Zen-like” simple.

Construction would start in 2013 if the developer is able to purchase the land from the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.


TSA Spending More On New Security System

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is switching security systems.  The apparent motivation…  privacy and health concerns.

A $245 million program is establishing the second generation of body scanners.  American Science and Engineering and L-3 Communications has been chosen to develop the new device.

The new technology now in use is called Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT-2).  It is able to find non metal weapons and home made explosive devices.  The AIT-2 makes use of two types of technology;  x-ray scans and electromagnetic waves.

These new scanners have already been deployed in San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento earlier this summer.  Another 700 have also been placed around the country.


San Francisco tops Businessweek.com’s 2012 Best Cities Ranking

If you don’t mind cooler weather, walking up hills and pricey homes then San Francisco might be the place for you.

Despite being under a million in population, the city has so much to offer… world-class restaurants and museums, fairs and festivals, a larger educated group and an economy that is holding its own.

The ranking came about with Businessweek.com partnering with Bloomberg Rankings which looked at 100 of the largest cities in the country.

There were many factors looked at.  For the individual it cannot be said which is the best city as family, work, lifestyle and sports team connections all factor in.

Some common traits that put San Francisco at the top of the list are as follows:  They scored highest in education, in leisure they placed sixth and it made the top 20 in air quality and economic issues.  The events hosted by San Francisco makes it seem like there is a continual festival going on.  Views which attract about 130,000 tourists every day and its general ambiance intensifies local offerings.

Downsides are that it has one of the largest populations of homeless people in the nation and that rent is over $2000 for… a studio apartment!

Comparison cities are Seattle which came in second, Washington 3rd, New York 7th and LA 50th.


Officer who shot gang member hailed as hero, yet community protests

San Francisco.  Oliver Barcenas, a known Norteno gang member who is currently on parole for a recent gang related shooting, was wounded by a policeman after he raised a TEC-9 gun at the same officer.

According to investigators, Barcenas was enroute for a revenge gang killing when he was stopped and wounded by San Francisco Police.

According to Police Chief Greg Suhr “These officers on Thursday night were exactly where they were supposed to be, doing exactly what they were asked to do,”.

However, this incident has sparked two nights of protests in the Mission district which included vandalism.