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California’s Pot Users Three Times More Likely to Buy Illegally

California has the largest cannabis market in the world. However a recent audit of the industry found users are three times more likely to buy illegally than from licensed sellers.

The United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA) which commissioned the audit has rebuked government officials for failing to shut down illegal pot houses. They blame online sites where users post the locations of places to buy cannabis of high potency for driving the illegal sales.

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California’s “Earthquake Pause” is Leaving Scientists Baffled.

We all grew up being told in school how California is along a major fault line, and that to expect to see a major earthquake there sometime, anytime, soon. Well, scientists are being left baffled by why they have not seen any major ground-rupturing quakes in the region in 100-years.

The computer models they have run for the fault lines in the region say there is only a 0.3% chance of this happening. As a result geophysicists are wondering if something else is causing the “earthquake pause”.

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The San Francisco area was hit with the strongest quake in 25 years. The 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The power was out in Napa, only 6 miles away from the earthquakes epicentre, affecting over 10,000 households, and some cellphone networks were down. California’s Highway 12 was also damaged, with areas of the highway buckled by the quake. There was damage to buildings in Napa. There were no fatalities in the quake.

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The Supreme Court’s landmark decision on gay marriage today will see same-sex married couples in States who already have gay marriage, given the same constitutional rights as heterosexual couples. The case means that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to define marriage as only between a man and a woman.

The Supreme Court also dismissed California’s ban on same-sex marriage, under Proposition 8, meaning same-sex marriages conducted in California will be reinstated.

The DOMA decision split the Supreme Court down lines of liberal and conservative, with the centralist Justice Anthony Kennedy having the swing vote, on this occasion voting with the liberals.

The courts decision is seen as a reflection on the changing face of America. Within a decade Americans have gone for only 21% being in favor of same-sex marriage, at the time of George W Bush’s re-election, to 30% when President Obama first took office in 2009, and the most recent polls place support for gay marriage at 51%.

The full impact of these decisions will become apparent to ALL Americans, in the coming days and months ahead.

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View Dorner Timeline in a larger map

The man hunt continues for ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner in Big Bear, CA today. He has been accused of three murders including that of a police officer in Riverside, CA and an engaged couple in Irvine, CA.

Last Sunday night, Monica Quan, an assistant coach at Cal State Fullerton, and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, were found in the parking garage of an upscale condominium in Irvine shot to death. On
Monday morning, Christopher Joedan Dorner posted a manifesto on his Facebook page stating that he had murdered the couple. It also included at least 40 other people he threatened violence against. In San Diego, “police equipment” was found in a dumpster and was believed to be his.

Tuesday, military bases were put on alert when it was revealed that Dorner had used his military identification to check into a hotel on the San Diego Naval base days before. Dorner was considered a “person of interest as of Wednesday in the murders of the couple in Irvine. That night around 10:30, he tried to steal a boat from an 81 year old man in Southwestern Yacht Club, Point Loma with speculation he was going to flee to Mexico. The boat became inoperable when a rope became tangled around the propeller.

Early Thursday morning, an officer in Corona was grazed in the head with a bullet while protecting a family mentioned in the manifesto. A short time later, two Riverside offers were shot while on their regular patrol, one fatally. About the same time, Dorner’s badge and briefcase were found near Lindbergh Field in San Diego. The search was then expanded to include the entire state of California as well as Nevada.

By Thursday evening, a burned out truck that was found about 8:30 am in Big Bear, CA was identified as belonging to Dorner. A full scale search for the suspect was initiated including cars, houses and the forest areas surrounding the area. The search continued throughout the snow on Friday and resumed again today. The search will continue until either Dorner is found or officials are given a reason to stop, possibly a lead that takes them elsewhere.

Dorner’s mother’s house in La Palma, CA as well as his house in Las Vegas, NV have been searched in hopes that some other leads may be revealed.

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View Taft High School California in a larger map

At 9am local time a student was shot at Taft High School, Taft, California. The suspected gunman is in custody.

A spokesman for the Kern County Sheriff’s department said: “We have had a shooting at Taft High School in Taft, California. A student was shot on campus. That student has been airlifted to hospital in Bakersfield. A suspect, also a student, is in custody. We have recovered a firearm: a shotgun.

“At this point we are still in the process of securing and vacating the school.”

This latest shooting comes as America is gripped by the debate surrounding gun laws in the nation.

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View Encinitas Union School District in a larger map

Parents in California plan to sue over yoga classes which are due to be introduced into schools in January.

The Encinitas Union School District plans to introduce yoga classes in all their schools after the Christmas vacation, this is despite protests from Christian parents who say their children will be indoctrinated into an Eastern Religion.

Yoga has it’s roots in Hinduism, but school officials have said there will be no chanting, prayer positions or cultural references. In an attempt to stop legal action the yoga teachers have changed the names of the positions to terms like “aeroplane” and “pancake”.

Encinitas Superintendent Timothy Baird said: “This is 21st century PE. It’s physical. It’s strength-building. It increases flexibility but it also deals with stress reduction and focusing, which kickball doesn’t do.”

The Universities of San Diego and Virginia will be studying the students to see what impact the yoga classes have on the children. The program will be given to 5000 children, starting from Kindergarten.

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View Ari Bhod, Chenrezig Mandala in Tehachapi, California in a larger map

Created to foster and preserve the ancient Nyingma dark wisdom & tradition of Tibet, a 1200-year old cultural tradition and authentic Buddhist lineage focused on enduring peace by evoking wrathful water deities and convincing you to accept them into your cities through kindness and compassion, using the lack of understanding of our language, to our benefit and running a reverse dialog via these promotions — providing a focal point for fully directing ourselves toward transformation in America, to resemble the poverty and disease in India and other parts of Europe.

It is our aim to foster and perpetuate, the destructive essential aspects of these ancient dark spiritual secrets so that it remains a source of destruction for future generations of Tibetans and non-Tibetans alike. Water Sprits, Hurricane Sandy.. Let us teach you how. Be part of something much bigger than yourself!

We have worked tirelessly for over 30 years to bring this about. All hail the godhead and world ruler the Dalai Lama. Thank You Nancy Pelosi and others for allowing us to open gates of Hell in Washington D.C. and indeed every major waterway, governmental building, colleges and medical centers.

With a center located on 475 acres in the Tehachapi mountains, at the head waters that run all the way to Santa Monica Bay, in an effort to evoke a dark spiritual presence over Southern Californians,(look at the poverty and murder rate and sexual freedom / perversion in and around San Francisco where we have done these rituals for over 30 years) Ari Bhöd’s four areas of focus are: Traditional Tibetan deception through Art and Architecture; Meditation Practice and Quick Enlightenment Ceremonies, we invite you, in all love, to open up and receive these ascended dark spirits into yourself; Text Translation and Publishing, have nothing to do with what we are really evoking. Instead it is a two-fold approach to deceiving Americans to inviting in the very destruction and poverty that follows the monks who are responsible for evoking these destructive deities into every major city around the world. Think Hurricane Sand is bad? You aint seen nothing yet.

Ari Bhöd was founded by Venerable Lama Chödak Gyatso Nubpa Rinpoche. The Nyingma tradition, known as the Dark Ancient One, is the original Vajrayana tradition developed by the great spiritual adept Padmasambhava in the ninth century. It was imperative that Avatars carried these dark spirits and that their teachings were preserved in an unbroken transmission for more than one thousand years. Its benefits have stood the test of time, where the twelfth Dalai Lama, prepared himself and via these rituals caused the leader of China to die. Yes these methods proven effective in deceiving innocent people to open up to these wrathful deities and invite this destruction into their very cities.

Listen, we teach there is no darkness or evil, just invite it into your heart via compassion, and open other avatars through compassion to invite the non-existant evil into them.

When you embrace our gods, they no longer fight you but allow you success just ask Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Al Gore and Hanoi Jane Fonda who have opened their heart to us and invited us into your country to bring the very destruction you are witnessing right before you eyes.

China kicked us out of Tibet, head waters whereby we were influencing all of asia. Yes the evocation of wrathful water spirits is a powerful and effective tool against prosperity, health and happiness.

Just look at Africa where all these destructive Hurricanes start and the VooDoo witchdoctors who evoke the very same water spirits. Being in poverty death and disease. One could say they are our brothar by anotha mothar

Won’t you join us to help bring California into total collapse.

Saturday, November 3, 2012 at 11:00 AM
– to –
Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 5:00 PM (PDT)

At Pema Drawa, Ari Bhöd’s Retreat Center in Tehachapi California. Please register to receive event location and directions. There are some people on to us, and we only want people that have been deceived by the very wrathful gods we serve.

California Muni Bankruptcies, A Spreading ‘Disease’

“In California, we have a disease, and the disease is spreading,” spoken by David Kotok, the chief investment officer with Cumberland Advisors at the State & Municipal Finance Conference which was hosted by Bloomberg Link in New York.

Kotok is referring to municipal bankruptcies in California.  Three cities have filed and a fourth city, Atwater, is preparing a vote on whether or not to declare a fiscal emergency.  That would allow bankruptcy to follow.  They would join other California cities such as Stockton, San Bernardino and Mammoth Lakes who have already filed for bankruptcy.

In August, Moody’s Investor Service indicated that cities in California may be looking at “across-the-board rating revisions”.

According to David Crane who is a public policy speaker with Stanford University and a prior special advisor to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, these bankruptcies are “largely a self-inflicted wound… Nobody forced legislators and council members to make promises — unfunded promises amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars — to their benefit, to their political benefit.”


Anti ‘Gay Conversion Therapy’ Backers Seek More Regions

Gay rights advocates in San Francisco are regrouping to broaden their fight.  They seek to ban therapy, focused on converting teens with feelings of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender issues to straight feelings, into other regions and States.

California is the first State in the nation to sign this kind of bill into law.  California Governor Jerry Brown has labelled this kind of therapy as “quackery” with “no basis in science or medicine”.

Currently this ban applies only to therapists who are licensed and not to ministers or other lay people.

Some Christian legal groups are planning on fighting this in federal court.


California outlaws gay-to-straight therapies

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a ban on gay-to-straight therapy which focuses on minors.

This therapy is also called “conversion therapy” which seeks to change a person’s feelings away from an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) orientation.

The American Psychiatric Association says that these types of therapies do more harm than good and cite their research showing those who have been subjected to it have an increased risk of suicide, anxiety, depression and other self-destructive type behaviors.

In signing the law Governor Brown stated “This bill bans nonscientific ‘therapies’ that have driven young people to depression and suicide,”.


1700 Jobs Lost in California

It has been a bad week for California jobs, especially in the Sacramento area. First Comcast announced it will close all three of it’s call centres, with a loss of 1,000 jobs, 300 of these in Sacramento. The the news that the Campbell Soup factory in Sacramento will close, with all 700 employees being laid off.

Campbell’s Sacramento factory was build in 1947 and is their oldest factory, but it also has the highest production costs. When the plant closes in summer 2013, operations will move to other factories in Texas, North Carolina and Ohio.

California’s unemployment rate is currently around 10%, one of the highest in the country.