Sex Trafficking and the Cannes Film Festival

Since the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal and the #MeToo movement you would think the issue of sexual assault and the “casting couch”: which involved the offer of acting roles in exchange for sexual favours, within the profession would be a thing of the past.

However it appears the  #MeToo movement has done little to halt the issue of sex trafficking, and Cannes plays an important role in the practise. Young actresses often from Eastern Europe are groomed and brought to the festival. They are then introduced to these wealthy, powerful men in the industry on their yachts. The young actresses are then promised small or non-speaking parts in movies, allowing them to have a  H-1 visa. Once in the US they are passed around powerful and wealthy men in Hollywood. If they refuse they are told they will have their visas revoked. Experts say that immigration officials should always be suspicious if actresses are being given the expensive H-1 visa for small parts in films.

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