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AI “Too Dangerous to Release” Comes Out into Wold

A new AI technology  known as “GPT-2” has been released. The technology is able to be fed a piece of text and accurately predict what would come next. The text would be indistinguishable from human text.

The technology is so powerful, its creators have only released a limited version to researchers. In the wrong hands the technology could be used for malicious purposes by scammers; and political and terror organisations to generate propaganda.

GPT-2 could become the text equivalent of “deep fakes” in the image field. The consequences for internet users would be individuals would not know if content were genuine or not. Requiring the public to be more skeptical of online content as well as better educated.

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Reveals Plans For Implant to Read Your Thoughts

Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s start up Neuralink has been working on a “brain-machine interface” . This week the secretive start-up revealed it has been testing brain implants on animals, and that it has successfully placed an implant in a monkey brain allowing it to control a computer.

Musk hopes that the implant will be used initially on patients with serious brain injuries of diseases allowing them to communicate their thoughts. He plans to seek FDA approval to begin clinical trials as early as 2020.

Neuralink works by inserting thin strands into the brain, via a tiny robot controlled by a neurosurgeon. The stands then interface with the electrical activity of the brain.

Musk’s worry about the current threat AI poses to humanity is well know. And he hopes his new technology will allow humans and machines to work together in “symbiosis”, so humans will not be left behind in the AI revolution.

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