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Talent Agency CAA Buys Rival ICM

The left wing talent agency CAA has bought rival ICM reducing the number of major Hollywood talent agencies from three to four.

Creative Artists Agency’s  (CAA) LA headquarters are known in the industry as the “Death Star”. The takeover further strengthens the Democrat’s grip on Hollywood, at a time when the industry is significantly increasing its political activism.

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What is the CAA?

The CAA is the Creative Arts Agency

The CAA represents many of the A-list of Hollywood as well as top musicians and sports stars.

They boast an enviable client list including: Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, James Cameron, Steven Speilberg, Bruce Willis… the list goes on.

Such is the power of the agency their offices are nicknamed the “Death Star”

The CAA has six partners: Richard Lovett, Bryan Lourd, Kevin Huvane, Rick Nicita, David “Doc” O’Connor, and Rob Light.

But the main power, lies with Richard Lovatt and Bryan Lourd.

These men can make or break a career; if they don’t like you, you won’t get work, and they are feared throughout the industry.

Richard Lovatt is Jewish with a passion for Yoga, his brilliance at securing big names, has seen his rise to the top of the CAA.

Bryan Lourd was the husband of Carrie Fisher, before leaving her for another man, when he “came out” as homosexual in 1994.

The studios tend to do what they suggest, as they hold great influence within the industry;  Name any top movie or TV show, and the chances are the majority of the cast, as well as the director, are clients of the Creative Arts Agency.



Chris Dodd served 36 years as Senator of Connecticut: 6 years in the House of Representatives and 30 years in the Senate.

Dodd’s father, Thomas Dodd, was also a member of the House of Representatives, and a Senator. He also served as an Ambassador to Costa Rica and Uruguay.

Significantly, Thomas Dodd was involved in the Nuremburg Trials of Nazi War Criminals after the Second World War.

He cross examined many prominent Nazis, and helped with the collection and presentation of evidence.

He was presented the Medal of Freedom, the Certificate of Merit, and the Czechoslovak Order of the White Lion.

Chris Dodd followed his father into politics, being elected to the Senate in 1980.

Dodd was instrumental in many pieces of key legislation:

– Family and Medical Leave Act, which included paid leave for carers, and a corporate carbon tax.

-Credit Card, Accountability, and Disclosure Act

-Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act, which means a sample of every child’s blood is taken at birth and stored without the parents consent.

-He was also on the Health, Education, Labour and Pensions Committee. As acting committee Chairman it was his job to get the Health Care Reform Bill passed.

Dodd’s career has not been without other controversy, he was caught up in the:

-Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac controversies

-Irish Cottage Controversy

– AIG federal assistance and bonuses controversy.

Dodd’s questionable activities have led political opponents to question his leadership and judgement for high office, with fellow Democrate Senator Roger Pearson saying,

“Senator Dodd stood up on the stage with President Obama when the President announced his healthcare plan and urged legislators to move forward with reform,”

Pearson said. “Now Chris Dodd has failed the President and failed us, lacking the leadership to push this most important initiative through.

“If Senator Dodd wasn’t so busy trying to distance himself from all the money he’s gotten from AIG, big healthcare companies and all the rest of the big money special interests, then maybe he could have spent time pushing healthcare,”

Dodd also worked closely with U.S. Representative for Massachusetts Democrat, Barney Frank.

Together they worked on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, after the 2008 recession.

The act was meant to protect the economy from banks or corporations becoming “too big to fail”

Critics say the bill is not fit for purpose, and it is now stopping banks from lending money to small and medium sized businesses, and this is a major cause of the sluggish growth in the economy.

Dodd retired as a Senator before the 2010 mid-term elections. After seeing his poll rating plummet making it look highly unlikely he would win another term in office.

In March 2011 he accepted the role as Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Dodd has been at the Cannes film festival promoting American films to the world.

As CEO of MPAA, Dodd was also one of the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)  and PIPA bills biggest supporters.

These anti-privacy bills would see websites containing illegal material banned and the sites blocked – technology used in nations like China and Iran to stifle free speech.

After widespread anger the bills were dropped last year, but Dodd has recently said, he believes the bills will be resurrected in some new form after the Presidential election, probably softening the implications of “theft”.

The MPAA wants (and needs) to gain control over the internet; they see it is as one of the most dangerous threats to their continued control over the entertainment industry.

Prophet TV have been exposing the political bias in the media.

The MPAA promotes American film and television worldwide.

The appointment of the liberal Dodd, to the position of CEO, strengthens the hold of the liberal elite on the media.

In America today the liberal left and the media are indistinguishable.