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The Catholic Fordham University has effectively barred pro-life conservative pundit Ann Coulter. The University hosted a panel discussion at their one-day event “Conference with Peter Singer: Christians and Other Animals, Moving the Conversation Forward.”

The Republican group in the university had invited Ann Coulter, who regularly appears on Fox News, to take part in the debate. However, the president of the university Fr. Joseph McShane, objected to her coming, and wrote to the Republican group calling Coulter “hateful and needlessly provocative,” and described her work as “aimed squarely at the darker side of our nature.” Her invitation was evoked.

But Father McShane had no such qualms about Peter Singer. Singer is a bioethics professor at Princeton. He advocates euthanasia for dementia suffers, infanticide, and the forcible sterilisation of most of the human race on environmental grounds. Singer also believes that sex across the species is no longer a taboo. In an infamous essay “Heavy Petting” he wrote, “sex across the species barrier,” while not normal, “ceases to be an offence to our status and dignity as human beings.” After all, “Occasionally mutually satisfying activities may develop.”

Singer is celebrated as the father of the modern animal rights movement, he believes Christianity is discriminatory to animals, and his book “Animal Liberation” was used as the inspiration behind the hardline animal rights group PETA.

Does the university really believe Ann Coulter’s pro-life, conservative views are more offensive; than a man who believes killing infants and having sex with dolphins is acceptable?