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In recent months there has been growing outrage about the sexualisation of children. Psychologists have been shocked by the rapid increase in the numbers of teenage girls in recent years coming through their doors with a wide range of problems from depression, self-harm, eating disorders and anxiety. The experts are beginning to believe the cause is the sexual pressure girls are now under.

In 2009 a Florida teen, Hope Witsell aged 13, committed suicide after sending a topless photo of herself to a boy, which he then shared with his friends. In a similar story Chevonea Kendall-Bryan, also aged 13 from London, fell to her death from a balcony where she was perched, threatening to jump if her boyfriend did not delete topless pictures of her on his phone.

In the UK the children’s charity, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) conducted a study in 2010. The study revealed how “normal” hard core pornography is, in the lives of teenagers. The study concluded that the access of sexually explicit material is creating a generation of teenage boys who believe that is what relationships are like.

One teenage girl interviewed said, “If they [the boys] want oral sex, they will ask every single day until you say yes.”

A boy the same age said, “Say I got a girlfriend, I would ask her to write my name on her breast and then send it to me and then I would upload it on to Facebook or Bebo or something like that.”

The study discovered it was common place for boys as young as 13 to have dozens of images of girls on their smartphones. The boys would share the photos of these topless girls with their friends, in the same way boys once swapped soccer cards.

The teenagers said that sexting was the new flirting. With boys taking pictures of their genitalia and sending them to a girl they fancied, she then replies with an image of her breasts.

Teachers speak of children unable to sleep without watching porn. Boys “learning” about sex and women from watching porn, and being normalised to sexual violence.

The problem crosses social demographics, it is as commonplace in the most affluent of areas as well as the socially deprived areas.

In this new world where hard core porn is readily available, parents are left feeling bewildered that the world has changed so much. They fear for their daughters, not wanting them to be the target of such high pressure advances; they fear for their sons, not wanting them to access the violent and depraved pornography so easy to find on the internet.

But should parents be surprised? With media teaching that pornography is normal? With children and teenagers listening to pop stars like Rihanna singing “Come on rude boy, boy, can you get it up? Come on rude boy, boy, is you big enough?”, as she looks like a dominatrix simulating sex moves on stage?

With parents frightened and ill prepared they are asking: “what can we do?”

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This year’s Sundance Film Festival will showcase a number of movies about the porn, addiction and sex industry. Insiders are dubbing the festival theme this year as the “sexual coming of age”.

Speaking to Reuters, the Sundance Director of Programming Trevor Groth said the films indicate a new audience ‘hungry for the taboo of sexuality and sexual relationships’.

More than a dozen of the movies featured in this years festival will deal with sexual relationships in all their various forms. The number of films of a sexual nature are “part circumstance, part coincidence,” says festival director John Cooper.

​”The themes and stories in films we show can be challenging to some, but ultimately, our mission is to show excellent and original work,” says Cooper.

“The times are changing, and relationships are changing,” adds Sundance Institute founder Robert Redford. “It would be a mistake to say this is sex for sex’s sake. The films are looking into sexual relations.”

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The Catholic Fordham University has effectively barred pro-life conservative pundit Ann Coulter. The University hosted a panel discussion at their one-day event “Conference with Peter Singer: Christians and Other Animals, Moving the Conversation Forward.”

The Republican group in the university had invited Ann Coulter, who regularly appears on Fox News, to take part in the debate. However, the president of the university Fr. Joseph McShane, objected to her coming, and wrote to the Republican group calling Coulter “hateful and needlessly provocative,” and described her work as “aimed squarely at the darker side of our nature.” Her invitation was evoked.

But Father McShane had no such qualms about Peter Singer. Singer is a bioethics professor at Princeton. He advocates euthanasia for dementia suffers, infanticide, and the forcible sterilisation of most of the human race on environmental grounds. Singer also believes that sex across the species is no longer a taboo. In an infamous essay “Heavy Petting” he wrote, “sex across the species barrier,” while not normal, “ceases to be an offence to our status and dignity as human beings.” After all, “Occasionally mutually satisfying activities may develop.”

Singer is celebrated as the father of the modern animal rights movement, he believes Christianity is discriminatory to animals, and his book “Animal Liberation” was used as the inspiration behind the hardline animal rights group PETA.

Does the university really believe Ann Coulter’s pro-life, conservative views are more offensive; than a man who believes killing infants and having sex with dolphins is acceptable?

Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi Found Guilty of Tax Fraud

The disgraced former Italian Prime Minister was yesterday convicted of tax fraud and sentenced to 4 years in prison, later reduced to 1 year.

Media reports say Mr Berlusconi will appeal the sentence, saying he is a victim of “intolerable judicial harassment”, from the left leaning judges in Milan.

Berlusconi left office last year admit the growing sexual scandal around his infamous bunga bunga parties, where it is alleged he had sex with an underage prostitute. The trial in this case continues.

The 76 year old media model, received a suspended sentence in 1996 over false book-keeping, that conviction was later reversed on appeal.

Some had tipped Berlusconi to return to political office.

Kanye West raps about Kim Kardashian’s sex tape

How charming. Kanye West is proud of his “perfect bitch” Kim Kardashian and her sex tape.

TMZ has heard West’s new single “Clique,” in which he references his girlfriend’s infamous sex tape from 2007.

West raps: “Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.”

If there’s any doubt who Yeezy could be rapping about, consider the title of Kardashian’s sex tape: “Kim Kardashian Superstar.”

West is a “self-described porn connoisseur,” according to TMZ, which also notes that Kardashian credits her initial fame to the film.

What a perfect pair.

more at:  Kanye West raps about Kim Kardashian’s sex tape – NYPOST.com


A new and extensive study has proven that exposure to sex scenes in the media leads teenagers to be more promiscuous, lose their virginity earlier and take greater risks.

The study followed a group of young people through their adolescence, and studied what they were watching and the effects this had on their sex lives a few years down the road. Some of the popular films the children were watching at the time were: American Beauty, Austin Powers, American Pie, and Notting Hill.

The study also showed even the seemingly innocent sexual content of children’s movies, like the Princess Diaries, had an impact.

In an earlier study it was found that between 1950 and 2006, 84% of movies contained sexual content.

Media programs the mind of the youth, for good and bad, and is used to manipulate life-style through marketing promoting consumer sales, political thinking, and ultimately behavior as it gains access to the hearts of a whole generation of young people.

For more information see The Telegraph

The Rise of Mommy Porn

The book “Fifty Shades of Grey” has taken the publishing world by storm. The book, originally self-published on Kindle has become the fastest selling adult paper back book, breaking the record previously held by “The Da Vinci Code”.

The book has been called “mommy porn”, and has women across the country hooked, selling 20 million copies in America alone. It centres on the relationship between a young, unworldly, literature student and a billionaire businessman. The book depicts scenes of sado masochism.

Many men have been alarmed at the book, which has been marketed as “have a holiday from your husband”. The book is now set to be turned into a movie.


About 50 years ago when the picture perfect English city of Rochdale was prospering Pakistani Muslims started moving in.  Mosques sprang up and the site of bearded muslims with caps and woman in black robes and veils became commonplace.  Now, shops are boarded up or have converted to pawn shops or dollar stores.  Even the local Mc’Donalds has left.

The government has shown that over half of the Pakistani’s in Britain are in poverty, much higher than the general population.

In 2008 a local young 15 year old girl became caught in the ring of predators.  She first attempted to break out of the pit by acting out at the kebab shop where she first had met her “boyfriend”.  On police arrival she indicated that she had been raped repeatedly showing the proof of her semen stained underwear

The police believed her but lawyers did not prosecute and after 11 months the case was dropped.

Things worsened, the predators expanded as did the amount of victims.  The first girl was driven around at night and forced to have sex with ever more men, up to five a day.

Health workers continued to report an increasing number of underaged girls who claimed to have been sexually abused.  A new regional chief of the Crown Prosecution Service (Afzal) reversed the earlier decision to ignore the case and chose to follow up on the allegations.

Eleven men were charged.  Offenses ranged from conspiracy to rape with more individuals being suspected of involvement.  British Parliament suspects that the abuse is far more widespread than originally thought.  Afzal’s office indicates that there is about a dozen other similar cases ongoing, one of which involves 13 men with 24 girls.

Almost all the perpetrators are Pakistanis who are either 1st or 2nd generation to Britian.  Few of them had prior sexual charges.  One of the charged, Abdul Rauf claimed that he has been a Muslim preacher.  Others had contact with local politicians.

For more on a possible reason this went on for so long before it was brought to the open and exposed, see the information below or, linked here from prophet.tv

from UK underage sex ring sparks racial tensions | Fox News.


Over two years, every time a 24 year old bachelor who lived in India watched pornography he experienced such a severe headache that it forced him to stop watching.

Dr. Amy Gelfand, a neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, says that there are two types of headaches associated with sexual activity.

Sex headaches are a mystery regardless of the type and no one really knows what causes them, says Gelfand.

There are no suggested links between headaches and specific sexual behaviors that have been found in studies by researchers.

The physical and neurological exam results were reportedly normal.

The man was advised to take a combination of different medications which, apparently, are helping.

For another take: On Healing, Building the Warrior teaching Series episode 6, from Prophet.tv

from Porn Viewer Joins Mystifying Sex Headache Club | Causes of Primary Sex Headaches | MyHealthNewsDaily.com.

Alleged Gay Rights ‘Icon’ Larry Brinkin Arrested For Child Pornography

San Francisco:  A local gay rights advocate, Larry Brinkin, 66, was arrested with felony possession of child pornography.

The San Francisco Chronicle states: “Police say that Brinkin had pornographic images, some that appear to show children as young as 1 and 2 or 3 years old being sodomized and performing oral sex on adult men, in e-mail attachments linked to his account.”

Within the LGBT community he has been considered an “icon”.  Up until 2010, Larry Brinkin worked for the San Francisco Human Rights Commission where he championed equal rights for lesbians and gays.  He also helped design San Francisco’s revolutionary Equal Benefits Ordinance which went on to become a model nationally for equality in the workplace.

His accolades earned him honors from the San Francisco board of supervisors and California Senators such as Mark Leno, Tom Ammiano in 2010. Former Supervisor Bevan Dufty authored a resolution which was passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that proclaimed the week of February 1, 2010 “Larry Brinkin Week” in San Francisco.

The AOL account that allegedly belongs to Larry Brinkin, [email protected], contains horrific commentary which is attached to inexcusable images of child-rape, state authorities.  An incredibly depressing comment, as stated by SF Weekly… “I loved especially the nigger 2 year old getting nailed. Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond bitch is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy! White Dick Rules!”

For more on cleaning up a city see this teaching from prophet.tv

from Alleged Gay Rights ‘Icon’ Larry Brinkin Busted For Child Porn: SFist.

from http://www.sfgate.com/default/article/Police-arrest-gay-rights-advocate-for-child-porn-3663282.php

San Francisco Homeless Youth Trading Sex for Money over Shelter Assistance

Young people in San Francisco who are homeless and exchanging sex for money, drugs and shelter is nothing new, but may not be obvious.  Many work out deals while panhandling.  They are not interested in city assistance.

At about 12:30 a.m. last Friday, Addison Vigil, 20, sat in a grassy patch at United Nations Plaza, two miles away from the Castro. Next to him, about a dozen people were sleeping as workers hosed down the popular plaza.

Being propositioned for sex acts is…”the name of the game, especially if you’re young and you look decent.” according to Vigil.  When he is in the Castro district it occurs “two or three times a day.” Around UN Plaza, though, not as often.

Young people display moderate interest in the services of local nonprofits.  Vigil, when asked if he thought there should be more services offered said “More Feeds” and that people should bring food to him.

Sergeant Chuck Limbert, the LGBT liaison for San Francisco’s Police Department’s Mission Station, that oversees neighborhoods such as the Castro area said “Some of our homeless have a very strong mindset… They just want to be free to do what they want to do.”

For further teaching on homelessness and how it can affect a city see this link from Prophet.tv.

from Homeless Youth Trading Sex for Money, Shelter Persists :: EDGE San Francisco.


The ready availability of video gaming and pornography is leading to more and more young men becoming addicted to gaming and porn.

This addiction is known as arousal addiction.

Arousal addiction is based on the desire for novelty and variety.

This leads addicts into more violent games, and more extreme porn.

These men lose the ability to form real relationships, and even hold down a job as they become detached from society.

In a culture where pornography is normal, where parents are taught to guide and inform their boys as they discover pornography, is this really surprising?

What most parents don’t understand is the power demons associated with porn, and many video games, are demonising their sons.

And their lives become controlled by the demons they are partaking of.

Extreme examples of this is the Norwegian gunman who killed 77 people at a youth camp. He used “World of Warcraft” and “Call of Duty” to help him prepare for the massacre.


Professor: Child pornography could be beneficial to society

Child porn could benefit society as “Potential sex offenders use child pornography as a substitute for sex against children.” Professor Milton Diamond with University of Hawaii and a ‘distinguished lecturer’ at the IASHS (Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality) in San Francisco.

Psychology is starting to accept that pedophilia is a sexual orientation like homosexuality and heterosexuality.  When this movement and the movement of children’s rights are combined the understanding of the professors mindset becomes clear.

The children’s rights movement is the idea of allowing children at very young ages make their own choice about their lifestyle and healthcare.

On the merging of pedophilia and child pornography, Linda Harvey of Mission America… “There have been blips on this in the United States for the last decade…We will see this trend accelerate as homosexual, transgender and ‘children’s rights’ intersect.”

Further understanding is obtained by looking at the IASHS.  The IASHS actively promoted repealing a ban on homosexuals serving in the military.

The IASHS identifies “basic sexual rights” which include:

  • “the right to engage in sexual acts or activities of any kind whatsoever, providing they do not involve nonconsensual acts, violence, constraint, coercion or fraud.”
  • “be free of persecution, condemnation, discrimination, or societal intervention in private sexual behavior” and “the freedom of any sexual thought, fantasy or desire.”
  • “the freedom of any sexual thought, fantasy or desire.”
  • None should be “disadvantaged because of their age.”

The problem with this is “What is the definition of consent… When a person says they agree to something that implies consent and the trend is to expand that definition to children in sexual matters.” This opens the door for exploitation by pedophiles, according to Linda Harvey.

”Gay rights groups are attempting to open up sexuality to children at younger ages.  There are also gay community centers around the country that accept children as young as 10 or 11 without parental consent.”

See Psychologist says pedophilia is sexual orientation similar to homosexuality :: Greeley Gazette.