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Chinese Authorities Make First Arrests Over Security Law in Hong Kong

The Chines Authorities have made their first arrests in Hong Kong with the new security legislation.

Police used pepper stray against protesters in Hong Kong. A man was arrested for carrying a flag of independence and a woman for carrying a card with the same message and a British flag.

Over 180 protesters have been arrested for various violations from unlawful gatherings to possession of weapons.

Chinese Police Arrest Protestors

In the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab accused China of having “chosen to break their promises to the people of Hong Kong and go against their obligations to the international community”.

He pledged the UK “will not turn our backs on the commitments we have made to the people of Hong Kong”

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China Passes New Hong Kong Security Law Amind International Outrage

Beijing has passed the new security legislation for Hong Kong this Tuesday. The move has led to widespread condemnation in the West as well as in Japan and Taiwan.

The law criminalizes any attempts at succession- the breaking away of Hong Kong to form an independent country; subversion- the undermining of the government or authority; terrorism- using violence or intimidation against the police; and collusion with foreign or external forces.

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