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California Democrats and Teachers Union Protecting Sex Abuser Teachers?

Alex Padilla, California State Senator from the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, wrote a bill (Senate Bill 1530) that would allow public schools easier access to release and distance themselves from teachers who abuse students sexually, physically or with drug related acts.

The bill’s initiative was brought about because of recent perverted behaviors perpetrated by Mark Berndt and Kip Arnold.  The bills purpose was to allow schools to get rid of people like these who perform the acts that they did.

With Berndt and Arnold’s extra-curricular activities fresh on the minds of State Senators the bills process cruised through the State Assembly On Tuesday May 29, 2012 with a huge bipartisan support vote of 33-4.

The bill’s next stop, the 11 member Assembly Education Committee on June 27, 2012.  The Committee is made up of 4 Republicans and 7 Democrats.  Only 6 votes were needed for the bill to pass.

After heavy lobbying by the CTA (California Teachers Association), (the union representing California teachers) the voting breakdown was as follows.

All 4 Republicans and 1 Democrat voted to make it easier for schools to distance themselves from teachers who would sexually/physically or otherwise abuse students.

Voting no, was Democrat – Tom Ammiano of San Francisco and Democrat – Joan Buchanan of Alamo.  The remaining 4 Democrats (Besty Butler of Los Angeles, Mike Eng of Monterey Park, Wilmer Amina Carter of Rialto, Das Williams of Santa Barbara) all refused to vote, which therefore allowed the bill to fail.

To some, this is unacceptable politics.

Dr Matthew Lin, an orthopedic surgeon, Republican and who has placed first in the June primary in Mike Eng’s neighborhood and who will be running against Mike Eng, relates that a summer period of grace for those teachers who are accused of sexual, physical or other abuse against children is “is unjustifiable in our society.”

See Why California Democrats Protect Sex Abuser Teachers – Page 1 – News – Los Angeles – LA Weekly.