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Federal Civil Rights Office Threatens California Over Abortion Insurance

The Trump administration has put California on notice: stop forcing insurance providers to cover abortion, or risk financial consequences. In a statement they said:

“Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office for Civil Rights (OCR), announced an action to protect human life and the conscience rights of all Americans,”

The statement is official notification to California, “that it cannot impose universal abortion coverage mandates on health insurance plans and issuers in violation of federal conscience laws,” reads the statement.

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Federal Appeals Court Allows Trump’s Family Planning Rule Despite Litigation

The Federal Appeal court has ruled that the President’s new abortion-related restrictions can go ahead despite a number of law suits which are still being played out.

“We are greatly encouraged to see the 9th Circuit rule in favor of allowing President Trump’s Protect Life Rule to take effect while it continues to be litigated,” SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a statement.

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Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill to Face Legal Challenge

Georgia’s new abortion laws which state that abortion cannot be carried out after a heart beat is detected are being challenged. The lawsuit is being filled by American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights on behalf of Georgia abortion providers and reproductive rights advocates. They claim the bill is unconstitutional as it effectively cuts the abortion limit to 6 weeks. It is currently 20 weeks.

Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp admitted that he expected his bill not to go unchallenged.

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Dem Lawmaker Sick of “Sex-Starved” Men Deciding Women’s Issues

During a heated debate on abortion funding Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA) said she was sick of “sex-starved” men voicing opinions on woman’s issues. Torres believes pro-life men should not have a voice in the abortion debate, as it is a solely a women issue. The outburst occurred during a debate on the spending bill relating to Title X funding.

Her remakes caused anger, and she was asked to withdraw them, which she agreed to do.

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Illinois’s Governor Expected to Sign Extreme Abortion Bill into Law

Illinois have voted to pass the Reproductive Health Act and is regarded as the most extreme of it’s kind in the country. The bill will repel a ban of partial-birth abortions, and will compel health care providers to provide abortion cover. The Bill also removes the Abortion Performance Refusal  Act, and provides financial penalties against individuals who refuse to recommend, perform or aid in providing an abortion. The wording of the bill explicitly states that the unborn child has no independent rights.

Illinois’s Governor tweeted, “Illinois is making history, because our state will now be the most progressive in the nation for reproductive health care.”

However the bill has met with widespread condemnation amongst pro-life campaigners.

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Washington Post Call Out Planned Parenthood for False Statistic: “Thousands” of Women Died Annually Pre-Roe vs. Wade

In March this year Lenana Wen, Director of Planned Parenthood tweeted: “We face a real situation where Roe could be overturned. And we know what will happen, which is that women will die. Thousands of women died every year pre-Roe.”

The ultra-Liberal, Washington Post, who is no enemy to Planned Parenthood fact checked this statistic. There findings show it to be hugely exaggerated.

When the Post investigated the claim they discovered mortality rates were in serious decline for woman undergoing illegal abortions well before Roe vs. Wade. That annual deaths in their thousands, would only have been seen in the early 20th century before the use of antibiotics, when women died of sepsis after an abortion. Even then these statistics are estimates, as no reliable official records exist.  In the years preceding Roe vs. Wade most illegal abortions were conducted by medical professionals acting illegally, but therefore done safely.

For Wen to be using such statistics, which she knows come from the pre-antibiotics era, is something that should be of concern to anyone with an interest in a truthful debate on the subject.

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On Friday, a YouTube video of Florida legislators in a committee hearing was uploaded. They were shocked during the proceedings on a bill to require medical care to an infant who survives an abortion when a Planned Parenthood lobbyist endorsed a right to post-birth abortions.

The lobbyist representing the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, Alisa LaPolt Snow, testified that her organization believes the woman seeking an abortion and her abortion doctor should be the ones to make the decision to kill an infant who survives a failed abortion.

Rep. Jim Boyd: “So, um, it is just really hard for me to even ask you this question because I’m almost in disbelief. If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life?”

Planned Parenthood lobbyist Snow: “We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician.”

Rep. Daniel Davis: “What happens in a situation where a baby is alive, breathing on a table, moving. What do your physicians do at that point?”

Snow: “I do not have that information. I am not a physician, I am not an abortion provider. So I do not have that information.”

Later Rep. Jose Oliva continued: “You stated that a baby born alive on a table as a result of a botched abortion that that decision should be left to the doctor and the family. Is that what you’re saying?”

Snow: “That decision should be between the patient and the health care provider.”

Oliva: “I think that at that point the patient would be the child struggling on the table, wouldn’t you agree?”

Snow: “That’s a very good question. I really don’t know how to answer that. I would be glad to have some more conversations with you about this.”

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Possible motives of accused D.C shooter identified

Floyd Lee Corkins II of Herndon Virginia, has been charged with federal firearms violations and assault with intent to kill.

Last Wednesday, Corkins entered the Washington DC downtown office of the Family Research Council, pulled out a 9-mm gun from his backpack and started shooting.

According to the FBI, Corkins’ stated “I don’t like your politics,” prior to the shooting.  After being wrestled to the ground by a security guard, Corkin also said “… it was not about you, it was what this place stands for”, Fox News reported.

Despite Corkin’s apparent attempts to wreak wider havoc, he was unable to get past security at the Conservative nonprofit organization.

The Family Research Council’s website indicates they seek to advance “faith, family and freedom in public policy and public opinion”.  They oppose gay marriage and abortion, have lobbied federally on behalf of these issues and have supported Chick-fil-A’s president Dan Cathy and his recent remarks on the gay marriage issue.

Corkins is a volunteer with the DC center for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community.  He also was carrying sandwiches from Chick-fil-A in addition to 50 rounds of ammunition.

See Accused gunman ripped Family Research Council policies before opening fire, sources say | Fox News.

UN Human Rights Committee

Geneva, Switzerland is home to the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

The UN prides itself on upholding the human rights of the poor, oppressed, and marginalised of the world. In the Charter of the UN, they lay out their purpose as that of promoting world peace, freedom of religion, freedom from all forms of discrimination, the promotion of democracy and harmony across nations.

If only it were that simple! Often the “rights” of one group can be in opposition to the “rights” of another. Take abortion as an example. In 1981 the UN passed the “Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief” They have also passed similar declarations on woman’s rights. Now, Anand Grover, UN Special Rapporteur for Health, has said that it is the right of all women to be able to legally access abortion facilities within their country: “Criminal laws penalising and restricting induced abortion are the paradigmatic examples of impermissible barriers to the realisation of women’s right to health and must be eliminated. These laws infringe upon women’s dignity and autonomy by severely restricting decision-making by women in respect of their sexual and reproductive health.”

The reality of this is that poor nations where abortion is illegal will find themselves bullied into changing the law, regardless of the religious convictions of the general population. Governments of these poor nations will fear the loss of the aid packages the UN has to offer, for refusing to comply to their dictates.

Abortion is not the only area the UN have passed articles on. Recently the UN Human Rights Committee passed, “UN declaration on sexual orientation and gender identity”  How will this be used to change the laws of nation states?

Also in the pipeline for the UN Human Rights Committee is a declaration to see the death penalty outlawed internationally.  They are already using their power to pressurise states with death penalty laws to have a formal moratorium on the death penalty. Whatever ones personal views on these matters, do you want a group of bureaucrats sitting in Geneva, Switzerland deciding how your nation is ran?

Prophet.tv has been highlighting the importance of Switzerland in the global scheme of things. Be aware that this seemingly insignificant region of Europe has a lot of influence over what is happening globally in these days.

Doonby at Cannes Film Festival

Doonby” is a low budget film set to premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Set in the 1960’s in a small American town, “Doonby” explores the issues surrounding abortion. The film has already attracted controversy when the Hollywood Reporter revealed that the plaintiff in the Roe vs Wade case, which lead to abortion being legalised in America, played a part in the movie.

Norma McCorvey used the name Jane Roe, when she went to court to force the Texas authorities to allow her to abort her third child. The case eventually ended up in the Supreme Court, who ruled that no State had the right to make abortion illegal. The ruling has resulted in more than 50 million babies being aborted in America.

However, years after the Roe vs Wade case, McCorvey converted to Catholicism and became a strong advocate in the anti-abortion pro-life movement.

The film is set in the 1960’s whilst abortion was still illegal, and many women sought out back-street abortions. Jenn Gotzen plays a young party lover who finds herself pregnant. In seeking to abort the child, she is advised to speak to an older woman (played by McCorvey) who seeks to dissuade her from terminating her pregnancy. The movie carries a strong pro-life message, often overlooked in the liberal dominated media.