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1700 Jobs Lost in California

It has been a bad week for California jobs, especially in the Sacramento area. First Comcast announced it will close all three of it’s call centres, with a loss of 1,000 jobs, 300 of these in Sacramento. The the news that the Campbell Soup factory in Sacramento will close, with all 700 employees being laid off.

Campbell’s Sacramento factory was build in 1947 and is their oldest factory, but it also has the highest production costs. When the plant closes in summer 2013, operations will move to other factories in Texas, North Carolina and Ohio.

California’s unemployment rate is currently around 10%, one of the highest in the country.

TSA Spending More On New Security System

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is switching security systems.  The apparent motivation…  privacy and health concerns.

A $245 million program is establishing the second generation of body scanners.  American Science and Engineering and L-3 Communications has been chosen to develop the new device.

The new technology now in use is called Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT-2).  It is able to find non metal weapons and home made explosive devices.  The AIT-2 makes use of two types of technology;  x-ray scans and electromagnetic waves.

These new scanners have already been deployed in San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento earlier this summer.  Another 700 have also been placed around the country.


Flesh Eating Bacteria Strikes In America

Necrotizing Fasciitis (NF) is a rare bacterial infection, which literally eats away at flesh. NF is a  drug resistant bacteria, and it can eat away at a persons flesh at a rate of 1 inch per hour. Treatment is in the form of surgery, and a quarter of cases end in death.

Although rare, there have been a wave of cases across the south of the country in recent months. Now, one of the victims has died of the disease. Pastor Linda Snyder of the United Methodist Church in Sacramento, died after battling the infection for six months.

Another Christian woman, 24 year old Aimee Copeland, of Augusta Georgia has had both hands, her left foot, and her other leg amputated to try and halt the spread of the bacteria. Amiee was infected after she fell off a ripline over the Georgia River.

Aimee was the first case of NF in Georgia, most of the other victims have reported becoming infected after being cut in water. In another case a woman developed NF after giving birth to twins, in South Carolina. She has already undergone 11 four surgeries to try and control the spread of the infection. There are now 5 cases in Georgia and South Carolina in recent months, although the authorities say they are unrelated.

Interestingly the cases in Georgia have centred around the Centre of Disease Control.

Little is known about the NF or how to treat it. In the current spate of cases across the south, are we seeing a manifestation of the demonic that has been release throughout America’s waterways by occult groups, in particular by Tibetan Buddhist rituals?