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Ari Bhöd, The American Foundation for Tibetan Cultural Preservation,  will be performing a live release of fish in Marina Del Rey this Sunday, January 6.

The amount of fish released will be determined by the donations given toward this event. The Venerable Lama Ngawang Thogmed and Lama Samten Lhundrup will lead during the release. Bait fish will be bought and released while a ceremony is performed. They will also be offering the tsa tsa’s (small molds in the shape of a stupa statue) that were made from the cremated ashes of Dr. Bola Akinwole into the ocean.

The ceremony will take place at 10:30 am at the end of Bora Bora Way, Marina Del Rey at the fish drop, on the dock.

Five Tibetans set themselves on fire in protest at Chinese rule

Five Tibetans including three teenage monks and a young mother have set themselves on fire to protest against Chinese rule over the Himalayan region, according to Tibetan rights groups. At least two of them have died.

The five self-immolations – the most ever recorded by Tibetans in one day – came a day before Thursdays start of a week-long Communist party congress in Beijing that will usher in Chinas new political leadership.

The three monks set themselves on fire at about 3pm outside a police station in Ngaba county, Sichuan province, while calling for freedom and the return of their exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, according to the non-profit broadcaster Radio Free Asia.



One of the monks, 15-year-old Dorje, died at the scene, while the other two – 16-year-olds Dorje Kyab and Samdrub – were taken to a county hospital by security officers. Their current condition is unknown. The London-based group Free Tibet called the incident “the first triple self-immolation protest to happen in Tibet”.

About three hours later, a 23-year-old nomadic woman in Rebkong county, Qinghai province, burned herself to death, leaving behind a young son. “Tamdin Tso siphoned petrol from a motorbike and set fire to herself in the familys winter pasture,” Free Tibet reported on its website. “Her body was taken back to the family home where local people gathered to pray.”About 3,000 local Tibetans took to the streets to protest against Chinese rule after the woman died, according to Radio Free Asia. The broadcaster also wrote that a fifth Tibetan self-immolated in the Tibet autonomous regions Nagchu prefecture on Wednesday, but did not provide a name.

The reports could not be independently verified. Calls to the Ngaba town police station rang unanswered.According to the New York-based International Campaign for Tibet, 68 Tibetans have self-immolated since 2009, 55 of whom have died, and nine of whom were women. Two-thirds have been under 25; the oldest was in his 60s. They have come from urban and rural areas in the Tibetan autonomous region itself as well as nearby Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan provinces.According to Tsering Tsomo, executive director for the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Dharamsala, India, Ngaba has faced tight restrictions since large-scale protests gripped the county in 2008. Tibetans are not allowed to freely enter or exit the area, she said. Authorities require locals to register with government-issued IDs before they can purchase flammable liquids.”

Its really surprising for us that these three immolations happened in Ngaba, given the internal surveillance in the area and the government lockdown there,” she said. “We are clueless right now.”The government has introduced a barrage of new country-wide regulations for the 18th party congress, a once-in-a-decade leadership transition that began on Thursday morning. The internet in Beijing has slowed to a crawl, construction projects have been put on hold, and hotels have been instructed to inspect guests luggage by hand.Authorities have already embarked on a “patriotic education” campaign in Tibet, forcing monks to hang portraits of Communist party leaders on monastery walls. They have offered cash rewards as high as $30,000 £19,000 to locals for information on self-immolations and protests.Despite the security measures, reports of self-immolations have escalated in the past few weeks. Last month, seven Tibetans killed themselves in seven days. On Sunday, a 25-year-old artist in Tongren, Qinghai province, burned himself to death.A 43-year-old blogger named Gudrup who self-immolated in early October left behind an article. “We are declaring the reality of Tibet by burning our own bodies to call for freedom of Tibet,” it said. “We will win the battle through truth, by shooting the arrows of our lives, by using the bow of our mind.”Tibetan activists call the persistence of self-immolations a testament to Chinese authorities policy failures in the region. “They are the ones that can do something about this, but they are powerless right now,” said Tenzin Chokey, general secretary of the Tibetan Youth Congress in Dharamsala. “All their usual tactics have failed.”

more at  Five Tibetans set themselves on fire in protest at Chinese rule | World news | guardian.co.uk.

China under spell of Tibetan Buddhism?

The leading Chinese Social Sciences division of its government indicated this week that they would be funding a project to create a Tibetan Buddhist dictionary.

The dictionary will include terminologies, old books, records, figures and locations all related to Tibetan Buddhism.

The dictionary will be available in Tibetan and Chinese.


Tibetan Sand Mandala San Francisco August 16-19, 2012

San Francisco will be “blessed” with the presence of Tibetan Buddhist monks, six of them from the Drepung Loseling Phukhang Monastery located in South India.

They are coming to perform a religious ritual sand mandala in the Asian Art Museum.  They believe it will generate positive effects which will radiate over the whole region by blessing the environment and all living beings.

In previous mandala religious rituals Tibetan Buddhist monks have stated that they are paying homage to the god’s of the underworld.

There is extensive teaching brought forth by prophet.tv on mandala rituals and the gods that they evoke.  For specific information start here at the Building the Warrior Teaching Series.

Source article AsiaAlive: Tibetan Sand Mandala Demonstration – Asian Art Museum Calendar, powered by Helios Calendar.

Dalai Lama on UK Tour 16th-23rd June

The Dalai Lama is touring the UK, June 16th- 23rd, after he was invited to the UK by religious groups.  His tour began in Manchester, central England, where he spoke to a crowd of mainly under 25 year olds, who were given free tickets to the event.  He spent three days in Manchester. On his first day he concentrated on the youth, giving a talk: “Stand Up and Be the Change”. He was welcomed on stage by the British comedian, and ex-husband of Katy Perry, Russell Brand.

When he has finished in Manchester he went to London for a talk in Westminster Abbey, where he was joined by the Dean of Westminster, the Very Rev, Dr John Hall, and the prayer for the “divided communities” in the UK. After the service he had a meeting with Prince Charles, who is a long standing supported of the Dalai Lama. The two men were photographed chatting and holding hands as Prince Charles gave the Dalai Lama a tour of his garden. He then headed north to Scotland, where he has been speaking in Edinburgh, Dundee, and Inverness.

This is an important time in the UK. London is holding the Olympics in August, and this is the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Prophet.TV have reported on the terrorist threat the Olympics poses to London, with security experts even talking about the threat of a dirty bomb attack. As the Dalai Lama travels the length of the country the Olympic torch is also beginning carried the length of breath of Britain.

The Jubilee has been a wonderful focus for the people of Britain promoting unity across the country, at a time where division is common.

In Scotland, the nationalist movement is pushing Scottish independence, a move which would be disastrous for Scotland and highly costly to the rest for the UK as well.

The Dalai Lama’s visit to Inverness will see him visiting the UKs most northerly city. Inverness is beside Loch Ness, famous for the Loch Ness monster.

His visit has seen strange manifestations in the weather across the UK, as well as flooding throughout Britain. A partner of Prophet.TV in Northern Ireland reported a tornado the day he entered Britain. And over Edinburgh, as he gave his talk, the sky was think with dark clouds rumbling with thunder, whilst the area around the city was clear and sunny. Locals have commented on how “unusual” the weather has been behaving.

Prophet TV has reported on the plan of the Tibetan Buddhist spirits to bring division to America. Prophet.TV has also testified to the destruction unleashed in the wake of his visits. Are they seeking to bring division to the UK as well?

With the eyes of the world on London this summer, what could the enemy have planned?

Flesh Eating Bacteria Strikes In America

Necrotizing Fasciitis (NF) is a rare bacterial infection, which literally eats away at flesh. NF is a  drug resistant bacteria, and it can eat away at a persons flesh at a rate of 1 inch per hour. Treatment is in the form of surgery, and a quarter of cases end in death.

Although rare, there have been a wave of cases across the south of the country in recent months. Now, one of the victims has died of the disease. Pastor Linda Snyder of the United Methodist Church in Sacramento, died after battling the infection for six months.

Another Christian woman, 24 year old Aimee Copeland, of Augusta Georgia has had both hands, her left foot, and her other leg amputated to try and halt the spread of the bacteria. Amiee was infected after she fell off a ripline over the Georgia River.

Aimee was the first case of NF in Georgia, most of the other victims have reported becoming infected after being cut in water. In another case a woman developed NF after giving birth to twins, in South Carolina. She has already undergone 11 four surgeries to try and control the spread of the infection. There are now 5 cases in Georgia and South Carolina in recent months, although the authorities say they are unrelated.

Interestingly the cases in Georgia have centred around the Centre of Disease Control.

Little is known about the NF or how to treat it. In the current spate of cases across the south, are we seeing a manifestation of the demonic that has been release throughout America’s waterways by occult groups, in particular by Tibetan Buddhist rituals?

World Gateway Crystal Skull Pilgrimage

Crystal Skulls are ancient relics made of quartz, which carry spiritual significance in Mayan culture. Mayans believe they contain sacred knowledge and spiritual “energy”.

Presently 13 of these skulls are being taken on a “pilgrimage” across America by senior Mayan followers. The skulls will be used in “activation” ceremonies at key “gateway” or “temple” sites on their journey. The first site is Manhattan New York, and the journey ends in Los Angeles, California.

The pilgrimage is seen by the Mayan priests as the fulfillment of an ancient Mayan prophecy; and the purpose is to invoke spirits into the regions through the “temple” gateways they visit, as they travel across America this week. The pilgrimage ends with a “World Gateway Crystal Skull” three day event in LA, starting 11.11.11, and the Mayans believe it to be the beginning of the spiritual preparation for 12.21.12, (the winter solstice 2012), which the Mayan calendar predicts will see the end of the age as we know it.

The reality of this “pilgrimage” event and their rituals, is that their Mayan priests will be using powerful witchcraft to open up gates of hell for demons to enter, through their rituals, prayers and ceremonies.

The most ancient and important of the 13 Crystal skulls being carried across America comes from the Tibetan mountains. The man who is “guardian” of this skull is a Mayan priest who believes himself to be the reincarnation of a Tibetan Buddhist. The witchcraft in Tibetan Buddhism and Mayan culture invoke the same demons. During this “pilgrimage”, senior Tibetan monks close to the Dalai Lama will also take part in teaching at some of the ceremonies. They have the same goal: the destruction of Christian America and the ushering in of a new age.

The occult groups are looking to December 2012 as an important date in their calendar and are preparing for it vigorously in the spirit. They expect something to happen. Even some christian churches have listened to the demonically inspired prophecies of the Mayans  and others and concluded the ‘Rapture’ will happen sometime in 2012.

International Church of the Gates has established churches in key gateway locations, as directed by the Holy Spirit; cities of important spiritual significance to God. Coincidently, ICOTG is established in Los Angeles and New York, the starting and finishing points of this “World Gateway Crystal Skull Pilgrimage”. God does know what HE is doing.

God is looking for HIS people to protect their regions through HIS power, in the name of Jesus.  Are you prepared to stand and fight against the witchcraft these occult events try to bring in?  Do you live along the route they will follow?  Support Prophet.tv and learn how to protect your region today.


Three-Dimensional Mandala Created in Iowa

Buddhists have a deep understanding of the spiritual realm; more so than most of the church. They use many different practises to evoke their gods to influence the world. The practises of Buddhism evoke water spirits, the same spirits evoked in VooDoo, and these spirits create destruction in the places they are evoked.

The spirit of the Dalai Lama was over Nazi Germany, after members of the SS visited Tibet, and brought back the rituals used in Tibetan Buddhism. The swastika and the skull and cross bone are both Nazi symbols taken from Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibetan Buddhism has now entered America and is gaining control over the nation. The Dalai Lama comes preaching “peace, peace” however destruction follows. When the Buddhist monks evoke their gods, they say bring peace, prosperity, healing and compassion we see deadly tornadoes, fires, stock market falling, hurricanes…

Now in Iowa on the Northern banks of the Mississippi River there is a three dimensional mandala being built. In Buddhist tradition there are “special monuments” they say possess “powerful energetic abilities” to remove “negativity”. One such monument it the three dimensional mandala. However, these wrathful deities have one objective: removing the Spirit of God, so they can control the region.

One of these deities, believed to be a “remover of obstacles” is a god named Vajrakilaya. This god although meant to bring peace and compassion is surrounded in fire and is filled with fury. The mandala in Iowa is a full scale Vajrakilaya mandala, similar to the only other such mandala in Bhutan. The Phurba Peace Mandala will be the first full scale three dimensional mandala in North America.

The location of the Phurba Peace Mandala has been very carefully chosen. In America’s past this location was sacred to the Native Americans, and as the Buddhist lamas state it is “geographically suited for the maximum energetic effect”!

Since the mandalas evoke water spirits they require to be located near water. The Mississippi river divides America, and is the longest river in the world. The location is also on a major migratory bird route, for 40% of all waterfowl and 60% of bird species in North America. In Buddhist tradition birds are very important and speaks of female ‘sky-movers,’ the dakinis, who are often depicted as birds, they are also believed to carry “messages”. Consider the level of demonic which such a project is to evoke, and these water spirits find their way the great Mississippi River, flowing across America, through the Bible Belt. These spirits want to destroy the church, consider the destruction this month has seen in the Midwest due the the deadly tornadoes?

The Dalai Lama has a planned strategy for taking over America. He comes with his message of peace, but what is the fruit? Where is the peace, health, compassion, and prosperity in nations like Tibet, Bhutan and India (Buddhism has it origins in Hinduism).

The Spirit of God can overcome these powerful deities. However the majority of the church is not walking in the Power of God, and fails to take dominion over the spirit realm. When will the Bible Belt wake up and begin to rule and reign with Christ, building a hedge of protection so the demonic cannot bring destruction in these regions?