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Twitter Hides the President’s Tweet Ahead of Polling Day

The night before America takes to the pools Twitter hides a tweet from the President.

In the tweet the President said that the Supreme Court decision to allow more time for postal ballots to arrive in Pennsylvania as “very dangerous.”

Election Tweet President Trump

Facebook did not hide the post, but added a warning message: “Both voting by mail and voting in person have a long history of trustworthiness in the US. Voter fraud is extremely rare across voting methods.”

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The Witches Seeking To Hex Trump’s Re Election

A group of witches has come together to try to stop the re-election of President Trump.

A super PAC of witches and lay practitioners have joined forces with IXNAY PAC, an anti-Trump political action group.

IXNAY PAC was founded two years ago by former Vice correspondent Trace Crutchfield, promising to “raise hell from sea to shining sea” to get Trump and his allies out of office.

“Since IXNAY was founded in 2018, we have utilized the bag of tricks more commonly associated with super PACs,” says Crutchfield. “We’ve run TV ads and targeted Facebook campaigns, organized people to send thousands of handwritten postcards to voters in swing states, run a phone bank operation, and have put no shortage of printed propaganda out into the streets of America. Hell, we even wrote a pop song! Magic was just about the only thing we hadn’t tried, so when faced with another four years of Trump, we thought it would be foolish not to utilize every legal and ethical means at our disposal.”

IXNAY has joined forces with Shane Bugbee , Bugbee is a reverened of the Church of Satan by church founder Anton LaVey and helped found the Satanic Temple. Bugbee says he’s been practising witchcraft for 40 years, after he sold his soul to the devil as a teenager in exchange for a new bike and the latest Ozzy Osborne record.

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Presidential Election 2012: Too Close to Call

With only three days until the election it is too close to call. Most polls have President Obama and Mitt Romney neck-and-neck. The last time an election was this close was in 2000 when George W Bush beat Al Gore. Back in 2000, like now, both men were polling at 47% each. In 2000 Al Gore won the popular vote, but lost the electoral collage – Bush won Ohio! In 2000, there were legal challenges and recounts. Some think this year will be as close as 2000.

The figures behind this years election point to a deeply divided nation. Unlike many Western democracies, where elections are marked by candidates who are remarkably similar, Obama and Romney have very different policies. The two men seek to take the nation down very different paths.

After such a long and bitter campaign, let us hope the winner will be able to unite the nation after Tuesday’s election.

Ohio Ohio Ohio…. Why is Ohio key to the election?

In this most important of election years it could not be closer. Recent polls have Republican Mitt Romney slightly ahead, but when you break down the polls state by state the election could be either man’s.

Yet again Ohio is thought to be the key, with it’s 18 electoral votes this is the state that could swing the election. Historically, no Republican has ever been elected to the White House without securing Ohio.

Voter ID and Voter Fraud

There has been much talk in the media in the run up to these elections about the use of voter ID in order to cast a ballot. Democrats have argued that requiring voters to show photographic ID will make it harder for people to vote, and will stop people voting from minority groups, or poorer backgrounds- thus weakening democracy. They have also argued that it is not necessary, that cases of voter fraud are so rare as to make it’s impact negligible. Those in favor of implementing voter ID argue that ID is required to obtain government entitlements, gain access to government buildings etc so it ought to be required when casting a vote in an election- that it strengthens democracy.

Groups like Veritas and True the Vote have been cataloguing cases of voter fraud. True the Vote report that in a recent Wisconsin recall election a bus was seen offloading people at a voting station, “Magically, all of them needed to register and vote at the same time,” Ms. Engelbrecht, of True the Vote, said. “Do you think maybe they registered falsely under false pretenses? Probably so.” She also cites a similar report from a 2010 election in San Diego. Election officials say there is no evidence to collaborate True the Vote’s claims.

The Pew Center on the States,  who provide non-partisan research, reporting and advocacy, issued a report in February finding that more than 1.8 million dead people remained on voter rolls and about 2.8 million people were registered in more than one state, while another 12 million registrations contained flawed addresses.


Yet again Ohio is key to another Presidential election.

Ohio is regarded as the most important of all the swing states at election time. This is not only due to demographics but also because Ohio has 18 electoral votes. History shows no republican has ever been elected President without winning Ohio- it decided the election for George W Bush in 2004, and in 2000. And this year is no exception.

Obama is winning the money race | Washington Free Beacon

BY: Matthew Continetti

September 28, 2012


For months now I’ve been receiving fundraising emails from the Obama campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the various Democratic congressional committees, and the occasional Democratic campaign. The apocalyptic message of these emails has been mind-numbingly repetitive: A cabal of superrich businessmen is out to deny Barack Obama reelection and install as president Mitt Romney, who will line their pockets in return. Nothing less than the future of democracy is at risk. Donate now—before it’s too late. Recently, though, the emails have been less apocalyptic. And this is why:  The Democrats’ hysterical solicitations have worked. Not only did Obama outraise Romney in the month of August, he has outraised and out-spent Romney altogether. Listen to Ken Vogel and Dave Levinthal of Politico: “Through the end of August, Romney’s campaign and the party committees and Super PAC supporting it had raised $736 million, compared to $774 million raised by Obama’s campaign and its party and Super PAC allies.” So forget about the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson. If you want to know how to buy an election, ask the Democrats. The saga of Obama and campaign finance is a case study in cynicism. Throughout his career, Obama has portrayed himself as an opponent of money in politics, even as he has exploited the system at every turn. He said in 2008 that he would take public financing, but then became the first nominee in history to opt out. He said in this cycle that he would not allow his associates to fundraise for a Super PAC, but then changed his mind. He has attacked anonymous political giving, but dispatched Joe Biden to appeal to the shadowy Democracy Alliance last November. He pays no price when he makes such reversals. He and his supporters meekly lament that he is a victim of circumstance. The press nods….. to read the rest of this article click on the link below:

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What’s Wrong With This Picture

What's Wrong with this Picture?

You guessed it, of the people celebrating about the new French election,
only ONE french flag …..in a myriad of other countries flags…

What does this mean?
Sarkozy was right about borders, …but too late, France is already taken over by people from other countries who now celebrate, that French citizens will support them, and the evil french business owner will be taxed 75% to support them, those who fled the poverty in their own country, to devour other countries, and in this case… France…

Merci beaucoup!

NEWS: – France’s Sarkozy hit by defections and poll plunge

France’s Sarkozy hit by defections and poll plunge

By Brian Love

PARIS (Reuters) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s re-election hopes suffered a double setback four days from the first round of voting when a string of public defections compounded the impression that his tumble in opinion polls is pushing victory beyond reach.

Former town planning minister Fadela Amara joined a growing list of political figures to desert the conservative Sarkozy and announce they will vote for his arch-rival, Socialist frontrunner Francois Hollande.

That followed the most devastating opinion poll for weeks, which showed Hollande has opened a five-point lead over Sarkozy in the first ballot next Sunday, and the Socialist has a yawning 16-point advantage in voting intentions for the May 6 runoff.

After a week of steady poll gains for Hollande, the CSA survey released on Thursday night gave him 29 percent of the first round vote, up two points from the institute’s previous survey, versus 24 percent for Sarkozy, down two points.

Sarkozy put on a brave face when asked during an interview on BFM TV what he thought of the latest poll showing Hollande on course to become the first Socialist president since Francois Mitterrand left office in 1995.

“There’s not much point in commenting (on the polls) when they’re good and then commenting on the others because they’re bad,” he said.

Amara, one of the left-of-centre figures Sarkozy recruited to government in the first years after his 2007 election, joined Corinne Lepage, an ecologist former environment minister in a previous centre-right government, who said she would back Hollande because Sarkozy had lurched too far to the right.

Sarkozy’s conservative predecessor Jacques Chirac, 79, is also planning to vote for Hollande, according to the man who helped him write an autobiography after 12 years as head of state from 1995 until 2007. Sarkozy said people should leave the old man in peace and not “manipulate” him.


Others who have said they will vote Hollande despite having served in office under Sarkozy or Chirac include former high commissioner on poverty Martin Hirsch, equal opportunities junior minister Azouz Begag and former culture minister Jean-Jacques Aillagon.

Sarkozy’s poll standing improved in the weeks following the launch of his re-election campaign in mid-February and at one stage most surveys showed him topping the first round, but not a single poll has shown Hollande losing the runoff.

In the past week however, Hollande has recovered and Sarkozy slipped in almost all polls. Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen has strengthened her position in third place with 17 percent in the CSA poll, followed by hard-left firebrand Jean-Luc Melenchon on 15 percent and centrist Francois Bayrou on 10.

Bayrou, who has not said whom he back if as expected he is eliminated on Sunday’s first ballot, played down the defectors to Hollande as “those who always want their hands on the lever, to be on side with the powers that be”.

“You can’t build a country with people who are here one day and there the next,” he said.

Asked whether he might announce between the two rounds his intention to appoint Bayrou prime minister if re-elected, Sarkozy said: “I’m waiting to see the first round and I tell you that it’s not impossible that I’ll do that.”

Hollande warned his supporters against complacency or prematurely carving up government posts and reaffirmed in a France Inter radio interview that he would renegotiate a European budget discipline treaty to give priority to restoring growth, without which it would be impossible to reduce debt.

(Additional reporting By Brian Love, Leigh Thomas, Emmanuel Jarry, Yann Le Guernigou and Patrick Vignal; Editing by Paul Taylor)

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Andrew Breitbart Dies aged 43.

The conservative journalist, author and well known Hollywood political blogger, Andrew Breitbart died unexpectedly aged 43, from a suspected heart attack, March 1st whilst walking near to his Los Angeles home.

Breitbart was a champion of conservatism in Hollywood, as well as famous for his attacks on the liberal establishment.

Throughout the social media sites liberals have rejoiced over his death. However, as some in the left celebrate, many are asking difficult questions. Three weeks ago, whilst speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DC, Breitbart said “Wait til they see what happens March 1st”.

Breitbart was referring to tapes he said he had, showing Obama in his college days. These tapes are allegedly a game changer in the forthcoming election. His death, hours before he was due to release these tapes, have caused many to speculate as to whether he was actually assassinated or died of natural causes as reported by the media.